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Ovarian cyst with lots of symptoms......

The past 4 months I have had some severe pain, bloating and very symptomatic periods.  I finally made it in for a general physical and my Dr. schedualed an U/S.  She called me back explaining I have a cyst on my right ovary and it is not fluid filled measuring about 1.5 cm.  So very small.  She also mentioned that they are quite common and we will do a repeat U/S in a month and send it along to a gyn to decide what to do. I have done much reading on cysts.  My concern is why is such a small solid cyst giving me so many problems.  She said it is very small for a cyst.  I really have a lot of pain.  My period lasts about 2 weeks.  I have been having severe mood swings, my breasts have been sore for 2 months now and they are never sore even before my period.  I have become very weak and tired almost constantly.  I was working this weekend and granted I was outside in the heat but I have done this job for years with no issues.  I became very faint at one point and nautious.  This is happening more often. I have had severe insomnia which I have been prescribed lunesta.  I am also bruising.  Right now I have about 20 bruises on my legs and around 10 on my arms.  All of these things have come up in the past few months and pretty quickly seem to be getting worse.  I guess my question is just to put my mind at ease, are any of these symptoms normal for having a "common" ovarian cyst?  I know I have many questions I need a gyn to answer and more tests but I am terrified it isn't a common cyst.  I just am not myself.  I am 28, 2 children and have always been pretty healthy. Thanks!
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Any size cyst can have side effects since your hormones are not in balance. The cyst can cause gastro problems, pain, bloating, mood swings, flashes, insomnia, etc. Hormone problems effect people different ways. (If it makes you feel better... I got bitchy for no reason when mine was going on :)
Keep getting it checked out, especially since your symptoms have been going on for a few months and haven't improved.
To quote a wise woman on the site, You only have one chance to get it right.
Hang in there, and keep us posted!
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Thank you :)  It's really not been fun.  I forgot to mention I lost 35 lbs in the past few months also.  Without even changing anything with my diet or exersize.  I am now underweight for my height.  Thats actually what tipped my Dr off to doing a physical.  That and my insomnia.  I actually just about an hour ago found a gyn that will get me in next month after the next U/S.  Thats such a break for me.  Every other gyn I called in the area was saying Nov or Dec for new patients.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words though.  I will update when I know more.  At this point I really know nothing other than there is something in my ovary that shouldn't be  :)
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Loss of weight & excessive bruising. Did your dr do any bloodwork to check your immune system?
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When I had my physical she ran some blood work.  Before she knew about the cyst.  I am anemic which probably has a lot to do with the bruising.  But she isn't sure why I'm anemic except perhaps the length of my periods right now.  I have never in my life been anemic.  And I have been checked many times before.  I had many issues having my children.  Pregnant 9 times with 2 children.  I have always had my bloodwork checked for various things because of my multiple miscarraiges. My immune system has always been fine.  I even had genetic testing done with my husband.  All these issues have come up in the past few months and the only thing she found during the physical was the cyst.  I have to go back in for more blood work next week and the 2nd U/S in august.
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One other thing with endo is that it's not all that hard to get pregnant, it's harder to keep the pregnancy. Some women have a harder time getting pregnant because of the location of the endo tissue, but at least there's a thought between miscarriages and the heavy periods (which is a classic endo symptom, but remember is also a common symptom of other things).
Hang in there, and keep us posted!
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I'm not sure what to make of all your symptoms but I can tell you that I had a cyst in my right ovary that was small and unchanging for 1 year, then it started to grow and the symptoms were terrible, back pain (like back labor) and pelvic pain, breast tenderness like I was pregnant, nausea like during pregnancy, I felt terrible!  We watched as it grew for 6 months then it was surgically removed.  It was NOT CANCER.  However, it was the type of tumor that needed to come out and would not have gone away on its own.
I don't want you to panic now, you are being seen at an early point assuming this is a new cyst.  Just make sure you go to a gyn/onc if possible, you'll get the best care there.
I'm not sure what to make of anemia and bruising, that should be thoroughly checked out.
Most ovarian cysts are benign.  Usually a doctor is worried about a cyst that is over 5cm, is changing and is solid.  
But I'm no doctor, so please check in with a gyn/onc, I just wanted you to know that my symptoms were awful from that pesky thing!  
I learned that the cyst disrupts your hormones, causing a lot of trouble for you, but that you can't know if it is cancer or not until it is removed, but I can say that my gyn/onc was right on with her guess of what it is, so seeing a specialist is important.
Good luck to you.
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I'm new at this...
You have dicribed everything is going on with me.

I was sent to ER, by my DR. And find out that I have overian cyst. On both of my ovary, one is 4cm and one 6cm or something like that.  

I asked my Dr. to have it removed. (not sure if that the best way to go about it?)

what puzzle me is I have an emergency surgery last year, for what was discribed as Left Overian torsion. I was told that my left overian was removed. And now the finding, that I still have both overy. I am in search of answer. (getting all info together)    

With that, I would like to ask you, How are you doing with all this changes?
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Hi nitnoi,
I had the right ovary removed last week, and am surviving the recouperation.  The symptoms are gone, that was the worst.  I wonder what they saw if your ovary was removed?  I've heard that adhesions can look like an ovary, and there can be ovary remnants that can grow cysts.
Just try to get really good medical care, and information, OK?  You shouldn't panic, but you should definitely get this taken care of now, meaning your doctor will either follow these cysts for a few months, or you can schedule sugery to have them biopsied, or removed.
I had a terrible time with the symptoms, so I am very sorry you are going through this.
Good luck to you!
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Hi everyone thanks so much for your ideas and thoughts.  In an unexpected turn I got a phone call from my Drs. nurse that they set an appt with me in august with they Gyn.  The rest of my blood work came in and she said she will let the gyn go over it all with me.  Great.  I also had to move my next U/S from august 18th to the first week of august to have it done before I see the Gyn.  Before yesterday I didn't have an appt with the Gyn till Nov.  I guess they felt that wasn't soon enough.  She thinks he should talk to me about the cyst and all the test results.  I also have an appt Sept 1st with a gastro Doc.  I do have gerd and had it since I was on bedrest with my daughter so they want to check that out and other possible assosiations with my symptoms.  My gerd has gotten much worse.  I take Protonix daily and I have acid reflux everyday again.  So I am having and edoscopy done to check it out.  I will update when I hear more on the cyst or whatever it may be.
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hi laurika i got the issue as half similar as you i got some symptoms aslike yours its normal for women s those who have ovarian cyst are you undergone any U/S ?whats your docs opinion about . because i heard that its not so dangerous . Is your doc said anything about blood test thing or something?
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