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Ovarian cysts and thickened lining?

I went to the emergency room the other day with severe pelvic pain.  Ultra sound showed a cyst had ruptured.  It was a simple cyst, measuring 4cm.  My ovary is enlarged and there was free fluid.  They also found a corpus leuteum cyst on my left ovary, which is also enlarged and several follicles were present.  My endometrium is thicker than it should be at this phase of my cycle.  I've had history of cysts, one which ruptured many years ago.  My periods are always insanely heavy and painful, horrible cramps and low back pain, and I've found that during the first 3 days of menstruation it is painful to wear a tampon, sort of like an aching/pressure feeling, but I have to wear them AND a pad because my flow is so heavy.  Has anyone had experience with this combination of symptoms/findings?  I'm done having children, so fertility is not a concern.
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I am sorry for all these problems you've had. Have you tried birth control pills to see if that keeps the cysts from forming? They are also usually very effective for heavy bleeding. If you can't or don't want to take them there is a non-hormonal prescription medication that is used for heavy bleeding called Lysteda (tranexamic acid). You only take it during your period. Prescription strength NSAID's can also be helpful to reduce menstrual flow. But these non-hormonal medications won't help the cysts. Have you ever tried using a menstrual cup (Diva cup, Moon cup, Instead, or some other brand)? They are supposed to hold quite a bit more blood than a tampon or pad.

How thick is your lining? Cysts can alter hormones which can affect the lining. If it is concerning, an endometrial biopsy is typically done and a progestin can be prescribed to shed the excess lining.

Hope this helps!

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