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Ovarian cysts lasting a long time...lots of pain.

Sorry this is long but please read!!
In about january I started getting severe abdominal pain. I went to my gyno and after a ultrasound thingy..they found hemmoraging cysts on my ovaries. Thats all they told me. She told me they will go away and that will be it. It hasnt. Its now may 1st and i really dont know how many i have or how this works but i have figured out when i guess they "burst" I get a knife feeling intense sharp pain on my side that makes me cant breathe or anything..it lasts for like a minute or less and goes away and then i get a dull menstrual cramp feeling. I cant over exert myself or this pressure like something is going to pop in my pelvis area happens. Im in so much pain. She said these would go away and its been 5 months...ive had about 2 or 3 of the bursting things. Tyelnol and advil doesnt help. My periods are very irregular and heavy..I get a 10 day period every two weeks sometimes less and i soak through a couple extra large pads a day...plus i get these random old blood periods where its like black tar on top of that. Does anyone have any idea when these will go away? Any idea on how to ease the pain? And what does extreme thirst and naseaua and urination mean? I was trying to look up answers and it said call a doctor immediately. I thought it was my body just retarded but its been happening i had no idea that could mean something bad...i love not knowing anything. Thanks for any help!!!
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First of all, it sounds like your cysts are not shrinking.  You need to find a new gynecologist and have them do another transvaginal ultrasound.  You need to let he know how much pain you are in.  If the pain gets too bad, go to the ER.  You want to make sure that your ovary is not twisting.  That could lead to an emergency surgery.  Go with your instincts.  If your body is telling you something is wrong, it probably is.  PLEASE don't ignore this.  
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I don't have an answer to your question, but have you tried getting a second opinion from a different doctor?
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I should go back to see whats going on, its just she made it all sound so simple. She called me for my results and said its not a big deal they just bleed and my body will have them disolved and i should be good. I just figured she would say the same thing the last time..oh just deal they will go away. But if it might be something to worry about then i will call them and make an app. The one time i was working, i work at a hotel doing alot of bending and stuff and the pain got so bad i could barely breathe, i was sweating and panting and i was actually limping..thank God that was near the end of the day otherwise i woulda had to work real slow all day long, i just thought that was something i had to deal with and suck it up, i finally am asking now cuz im getting tired of this pain. Thanks for messaging me back!
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