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I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. I feel the fullness and the pressure and the crampiness that I understand goes along with this. Lately, I have been experiencing, back pain, quite severe sometimes. I have had UTI's and kidney stones (in the past) and the pain I felt with those two conditions are similiar with the pain I am feeling now. Does anyone else with cysts feel like their kidney's hurt?
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Back pain is quite common with ovarian cysts.  Both the cysts and fibroids can push on your other organs causing this pain.  There is more info about cysts and symptoms on the health pages (top right).  What kind of treatment is your doctor planning?
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What is your Dr. advising? And did you have a TVUS? You really need to have a conversation with your Dr. so that he can determine what the pain may be. When I had cyst, Ihad radiating pain to the back, but it wasn't severe.  
Good luck,
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It is funny how both of y'all mention drs. b/c I do not have one. I have tried to get help from the state, always a no go there. Times are VERY tight for my husband and I. He does not have health insurance at his job. I know i need a doctor but I cannot afford one but I am in pain almost everyday, I don't have any friends or family(all male) to talk to about this. My family is caring but cannot relate, as I said they are all men. I have a husband, brother, a grown son and a 14yr. old daughter. I just do not have anyone to turn to and I hurt!!! Thanks for listening.
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Wow! Is my mind not in the right place. It just dawned on me what you meant by TVUS! Yes, I did have one in the emergency room. They also did a CT-scan and x-rays. The er doc told me follow up with a gynecologist but I can't, I have no insurance. Do you know what happens if a cyst bursts? I feel sooo sick to my stomach and the pain is mostly on my right side. I hurt all the way from my waist down to my pelvic area. My back is killing me, also.
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Hi, there are clinics you can go to.  Please look for one in the phone book.  Also, you can ask if a GYN can base your cost on a sliding scale to work with you.  You must try all options to get care for yourself.  

Let us know.  Take care.
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There is a clinic in my area but they do not staff gynocologists. I went to the clinic (with the same name) in another county but they will not help me b/c I do not live in that county. I have called every Gyn in the book, they all want money upfront, visits, tests, surgery etc.... I believe I have tried all options. I even went to apply for state health insurance but I have been turned down everytime I apply. It seems they do not care about your financial situation but what is wrong with you. The state told me since I do not have breast or cervical cancer and I am not pregnant, I do not qualify! What a joke! I have went to the local hospital and they can give m a 20% discount but I am struggling financially. I cannot find someone to take payments. That seems to be the only thing I would be able to do. I understand b/c people use services, then do not pay. Thanks.
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    The reason we're encouraging doctors is that we're not doctors and hesitate to "diagnose" something without credentials. Having said that, how frustrating it must be for you. .. In answer to what happens if/when the cyst should burst, it would be painful .But, if you are in a lot of pain, a trip to the ER again might be in order. If you've exhausted all County and State sources, I don't have any ideas for you I'm afraid. Did you ask any of the doctors you spoke to , what their suggestions might be? There has got to be some solution for you..
Good luck and please let us know how it goes,
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Hi, yes I realize y'all are not doctors and yes I am very frustrated! I, know noone seems to have any ideas for me. The state in which I live is horrible for health care. I am tempted to go back to the ER but it will be my 4th trip this year. The doctors there don't have any suggestions for me either. I am just tired of hurting! Thanks for listening!
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what state are you in?
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Back in July you were seeing a Dr.  What became of that?  Can they see you again?
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Absolutely ! What a good idea. If you were seeing a Dr. then, I'm sure he would be able to either see you again or give you some ideas. ...
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In the meantime, while you are waiting in pain and figuring things out, things you can do for yourself, which are natural and don't cost alot of money.....
1) use a heating pad...does wonders for relieving pain
2) do a castor oil pack....also does wonders for relieving pain... google "castor oil pack" to get the formula (buy the stuff at health food store)
Good luck in your quest....
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I live in TN. The doctor I had my hopes up for cannot help. That was the clinic about an hour away in Nashville. My initial visit there I was told they could do surgery on me to remove my cysts and tie my tubes while they were at it! I was sooo excited to get this done, I had finally found someone to help!!  They scheduled me for a pre-surgery consultation a couple of weeks later. My husband took off work, we went. They then told me b/c I do not reside in that county they could not help me! I left the clinic in tears, I thought I had finally found relief. What a disappointment that was.
Tn. is the worst place for health care. My son was in a car accident on his way home from work on 9/10/08. His jaw and his foot was broken. He was taken via ambulance frome the scene of the accident to the ER. The only thing they did for him was give him pain medicine and refer him to a specialist! Being it was a car accident, the insurance companies will eventually pay his medical bills but b/c we have no insurance, his jaw is still broken and healing wrong, while we wait for the automobile insurance companies to pay out. Noone will see him without cash upfront. We even hired a lawyer(one who will not get paid unless he gets paid). Waiting. waiting,waiting........VERY FRUSTRATING!
This morning my pain is pretty bad. I am waiting(some more) for my husband to come home and I am going to the ER again!
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I do use a heating pad a night when I hurt, it is the only way I can rest. Never heard of a castor oil pack-I'll try it! Thanks!
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Sorry to hear that you are stuggling with all of this. I am sorry but don't have any advice that the other ladies have already given...other than checking with your local churches. Sometimes they have funding available for such things. All I can say is that I hope you find someone to help you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless...Lynn
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