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Pain 7 weeks after laproscopic surgery to remove cyst, ovary and fallopian tube

I'm a 53 year old woman, and 7 weeks ago I had laproscopic surgery to remove a tennis ball sized cyst on my left ovary, as well as the ovary itself and fallopian tube.  The doctor said the cyst was so large that it had adhered itself to the side of my uterus and the other side as well.  She assured me after 2 weeks I could go back to work and would be 100% normal after 3 weeks.  That has not been the case...  I was able to go to work just fine, and really, the pain I'm experiencing is not intolerable.  I've had pain off and on in the area where the cyst was removed starting around week 3 (I was feeling pretty good before that).  I of course called my doctor, and sent in to see her and she basically said I should not be having any pain.  I must say that she has never been the type of doctor or answers any of my questions.  Her bed side manner is horrible to say the least.  when I told her I had pain, she said, "what do you want me to do about it?" WHAT?  Anyway, she did schedule me for a CT scan but actually my pain then started to get better before I had the scan, so I cancelled the scan (with the ability to reschedule it at any time).  WELL, I thought all was pretty good but today, exactly 7 weeks after the surgery, I am having a burning pain where the cyst was removed.  Before then it felt like kinda little needles once in a while but now this burning crap.  And it's not going away!  From all I've read on this forum by you wonderful ladies (really, this forum has been INVALUABLE), it sounds like I have adhesions perhaps?  From what I've read adhesions don't show up on CT scans and there's really nothing they can do short of another surgery to "remove" the adhesion.  My question is this - have any of you had adhesions, and does my symptoms sound like adhesions?  I don't want to call my doctor again because she never once mentioned adhesions and I know what she'll say (which is basically that this is all in my head)... I just find it so weird that the pain I was having before this wasn't all that bad and seemed like normal healing.  But now this burning pain that's not subsiding!  ugh!  Help!
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It's hard to say what's causing it. Twinges of pain or discomfort can occur for a number of months after surgery but if the pain is now constant, that doesn't seem normal. I wonder if it could be nerve damage. And just like adhesions, I don't think there's any good way to diagnose nerve damage.
Thanks for your response!  I know - from everything I read, healing times/experiences vary so much...  You know, it really does sort of feel like nerve damage - burning and tingling.  Not sure if I should go ahead and put myself through the CT scan since that can't pick up nerve damage or scar tissue..  ugh...  Any idea what they can do for nerve damage?  I read somewhere on this forum something about a "rolling exercise" for adhesions and nerve pain, but can't seem to find it anywhere!  Do you (or anyone else) know where I can find what these rolling exercises are?
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I know your quandary re: how to proceed. It does seem that a CT scan would be useless plus you're exposing yourself to radiation. I recall reading about rolling exercises for adhesions but don't recall where. Hopefully, you can find it via a web search.

I hope you can get this pain resolved and soon!
Thank you so much!!  So, I made an appt to see my doctor (primary care, not my useless gyno) tomorrow.  Trouble is, I'll be seeing her P.A. not her.  But, I've seen this PA before and she's sharp - hopefully she'll have some ideas on how to proceed.  I did make an appt for the CT scan for this coming Monday, but really really don't want to do it (like you said - that's a lot of radiation I'd really rather not be exposed to!)
That's a good call to see your primary care versus gyno since she's useless. Plus surgeons don't like admitting that something went wrong.

I'm glad your PA is sharp. I have seen nurse practitioners and found them to be just as good as doctors and sometimes better listeners.
Okay so get this - this morning I woke to absolutely zero pain... no burning, tingling or even minor discomfort. Last night  i was pressing gently around  the area where the cyst and ovary were removed and could definitely feel a harder area when compared to the other side. My husband could feel it too. But no pain whatsoever when pressing on the hard area so I don’t think it’s an abscess or anything like (I have no fever etc either). I’m definitely thinking scar tissue...  so weird I have no pain today AT ALL. I’m still going to see the PA today but already canceled the CT for Monday (I can reschedule if need be later). I noticed before that when I had pain in the weeks  past I’d always feel great the next day, almost like the pain was from additional healing?  I don’t know - this is all so mysterious!
Glad to hear the pain is gone! :) I hope it stays that way! Keep me posted.
Thank you!  I'll definitely keep you posted!  :)
Hey there!  Just an update to my appt with my PA.   As soon as I told her that I've been having pain once in a while, she said, "But it's only been 7 weeks!  Not even 2 months!  Of course you'll still have pain once in a while!"   Immediately I was very relieved.  She said the tingling/burning I felt was most likely nerve endings.  She said even though laparoscopic surgery is much more "non-invasive" than open surgery, it's still MAJOR surgery and they're removing organs and moving things around to do what they need to do in there.  And that it takes time for everything to "settle down".  She didn't recommend me starting PT yet, because I'm still healing and it might disrupt that healing.  Sure do wish my gyno/surgeon had told me even half of what the PA told me!!!  She made me feel 100% better that this pain isn't all in my head (like my gyno would have inferred)...
It's good you got confirmation from your PA that this is likely just normal healing!

Yes, unfortunately, most gynecologists downplay the recovery from these surgeries. And they make laparoscopic surgery sound like no big deal. Sure you have much smaller incision(s) but the same amount of cutting is done internally. I'm shocked that some women are told they can return to work 1 or 2 weeks after a hysterectomy which should NEVER be the case. (It seems the surgical recovery for oophorectomy is shorter.) This misrepresentation puts women at even more risk of undergoing a hysterectomy that is rarely necessary. And then when all the problems ensue afterwards, they tell them the surgery is not the cause. Ditto for oophorectomy. Huh?!?
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