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Hi Ladies,

Does anyone else still have pain in the area where the ovary was removed?  It aches like the ovary is still there, maybe my brain has not recieved the memo that the ovary is gone.
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That is normal.  More than likely it is your nerve endings healing on the inside.  It seems to take our insides a lot longer to heal than it does the outside.  Also, your body went through a major trauma losing a vital organ.  It may take a few cycles for your brain to realize that the ovary is gone and for the other ovary to take over.  When is your post-op appointment?  It never hurts to let your doctor know what is going on.  You aren't running a fever are you?  If you start to run a fever, call your doctor as soon as possible to make sure everything is ok.  Hope you get feeling better soon!!
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This is completly normal. I am 3 months out from surgery and I still have some pain. I have to watch it so as I do not over do it, as if I do something like clean, it starts to hurt. It gets better though with time. You just went through major surgery and I would expect to feel complety better in about 6 months.
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I am having a same problem 3 weeks after my right ovary was removed laparoscopically. It seems to hurt the same as before it was removed (I had a big endometrioma cyct on it that also got attached to my uterus). I started doing acupuncture to see if it will help with pain as drugs really do not help. Heating pad seems to help. Hopefully time will heal our wounds :-) When was your surgery?
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No, I dont have any other symptoms, just the dull aching pain.  I'm glad to know it is normal.  Thanks ladies!
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