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Painful Periods - Hormone Imbalance?

24f - I'm tired of the "wait and see" Need input!!
For the last ten years I've had extremely painful, heavy periods. I started seeking help in Feb when periods began becoming even more heavy, painful, and irregular and having incredibly bad mood swings.. Pap came back normal. Transvaginal US showed endometrial hyperplasia and a 2cm cyst on left ovary and multiple follicules. Endometrial biopsy was negative. Began apri. Bled consistently for 6 weeks, then 23 days between stop and start, which is fairly common in my cycle. Next period lasted 11 days.Next few months were unpredictable, lasting 8 - 13 days. Another US in late July showed cyst on right ovary. Switched to Ortho Novum 777 8/12.
Periods have become lighter since beginning Apri, but last longer and cramps seem to linger all month long.
I've always had acne issues, and seem to have more facial hair than the average woman, although its very light. These have not improved. I generally feel like crap and suffer from anxiety, gastritis, and suspected stomach ulcers. (not currently treating any of these, stomach issues waiver) Not overweight.

Family History: Maternal G-Ma hysterectomy due to heavy periods after done having children. Maternal Aunts: Hysterectomy after child bearing due to heavy, painful periods, and Hysterectomy after child bearing due to Endometriosis believed to be caused by c-section and tumors, also had prior cervical cancer at 18.

cd 1: 1/13, 2/9, 2/27, 3/25,5/11,6/12,7/2,8/8,8/19, 9/1

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You could be having PCOS in view of multiple cysts in the ovaries, acne, excessive hair and menstrual problems. Detailed hormonal studies will help diagnose the problem. Birth control pills and normalizing hormones with drugs and weight loss will help. Consult a gynaecologist and an endocrinologist for an evaluation.
Hope this helps.
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