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Painful ovarian cyst question!

Hi everyone-
  I just joined because I need some advice from someone who's experienced something similar. Friday I found out I have an ovarian cyst on one of my ovaries, as well as a fibroid that has gotten bigger since February. I went in for an ultrasound after insisting to my doctor, I have been having pain and very pronounced extension in my stomach, as well as incredibly painful lower backaches etc... she kept insisting my pain was "psychosomatic" because I knew I had a fibroid, I knew it wasn't. So after the call from the nurse I was pretty much left with the answer "you'll get a call in a few months to make an appointment for 6 months later". Has anyone else been told to wait 6 months for another ultrasound? I can see 3 months, but 6. Like I mentioned, I'm in pain and having so much discomfort I'm can't sleep (I'm up at 2:30am writing this). I have gained weight, my blood pressure is high, I've been so dizzy I can't even go for runs lately, & so nauseous I have to force myself to eat and then get so sick I have to lay down until it passes so I don't throw up, and I'm so tired I can barely work. I've told my doctor about these symptoms and she doesn't seem to be concerned (she probably still thinks it is all in my head). I am going to call in the morning (later this morning) and change doctors, as well as getting all my reports and schedule an earlier ultrasound, but has anyone experienced these symptoms with no cause for worry, or should I be worried? I don't feel my doctors nonchalance is valid, but I'm just hoping for the best, I'd rather be healthy and a little crazy than find out I won't be able to have children one day. I'm 27 by the way, I can't take birth control to help either the fibroid or the cyst (so that's not an option for me), & my periods seem to be regular but really light and painful if that means anything or if anyone has had a similar experience in that area. Thanks so much to anyone who has any advice or experience to share.
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Yes this is usually the norm however if I were you I would get your record of that scan and take it to get a second opinion and tell them that you are symptomatic and the pain is unbearable.
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Hi there-
I haven't had the symptoms that you are describing, but I wanted to comment on the lack of response you are getting from your doctor. You should not be in this much pain and not getting attention and a sense of urgency from your doc. Get copies of your files and any ultrasounds you have had, and go find another doctor. Zocdoc.com is a good site which has reviews and next available appointment times. Book with an ObGYN, not a nurse practitioner, and do it ASAP.
I just had a large cyst removed, and could have had it done sooner if I had just been more persistent and taken charge of my own health. I too relyed on the healthcare professional to decide the urgency of my issue, which was a mistake.
Change doctors ASAP! Good luck with everything!
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