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Periods Every 2 Weeks

I am about to be 19 years old and by now I thought my periods would have regulated but I guess not. I get my period approximately every 2 weeks then it will stop for about 40 days then will come back every two weeks. Usually each time it's a heavy flow, starts off by little spotting then will stop and then within the 3rd day it will become very heavy. I had been to the doctor and mentioned this but he said it was that my body was still trying to regulate my periods, also because I am so little weight-wise (100lbs). Anyone know what could cause this?
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I have always been medium sized. I started my period when I was 11 and from that time on into your age I was having a 2 week straight period with a very heavy flow-- to the point where I had alot of embarrassing accidents. Then it would stop for two weeks, then the cycle went for 2 more weeks and so on. I don't think it regulated until I was out of high school. Now I have a 7 day cycle and very heavy in the middle of the cycle-- to the point I have to change my pad every 2 hours. I've always envied the girls who only have a light 3 day period, but I've come to accept the body and flow I was given. I am 33 now.  
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I had extremely heavy periods when I was first getting my period at 11, same thing it would come for a week, very heavy throughout, stop for a week-2 weeks, start again, etc. I had a lot of embarrassing accidents, it was horrible. I had to go to the doctors because it was making my iron levels very low, so I was put on a iron supplement and my mom says I was also on a low dose asprin every day to help lighten things up. When I was 14, I went onto birth control and havent had any issues since then period wise, even my cysts havent effected the flow. I've been off birth control for the last 3 months almost now(due to another issue the medication was affecting it anyway, so why waste money, I'm not needing it for BC use atm anyway) and still now I'm about the same as I was when  I was on BC.

At this point the only thing I can think of is talk to a doctor about your iron levels because if thats low its no fun, I was so low energy because of it. I know if you are under/over weight it can effect your periods,
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i know i'm not low on iron levels because i was told to take that cause i was losing my hair. idk what it is ):
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Have you talked with the doctor about your options of birth control to help regulate?
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I haven't, I guess I'm just kind of scared of the risks from birth control, my sister was on it to regulate her periods and she ended up getting blood clots that almost killed her. I know there are different kinds of birth control but no, I haven't talked with the doc about it.
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