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Polycyctic ovaries

I got the results for a pelvic ultrasound today and they have found i have polycystic ovaries.
Right Ovary = 14.9cc (is that big?) with 17follicles
Left Ovary = 8.9cc with 12 follicules

QS -> Is it normal to have so many little cysts?
QS -> why is right cyst so much larger? A few years ago my right ovary was only 6cc. 2years ago right ovary was 10cc and left was 11cc. Is there any size that is "too big?"

I had very regular periods from when i got them as a teenager to 12-24montsh ago. I used to have it starting on same date of month, exact same time with NO pain before and during periods.
Now everytime i get my period its all becoming more irrelgar - my pain almost paralyses me it is so bad, 2 days before my period until a day or two into it. My periods have been starting at different dates, can be as early as 2 weeks before expected or arrive up to 3weeks after it is due. I have major clotting in my periods as well.

QS --> I have had no had a clear papsmear (low squamous cell found) and was wonering at all if it is related.

QS -> What do i actually do now? I dont really understand- where too from here with my ovaries?
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The multiple small cysts are characteristic of PCOS. This may be causing irregular periods, heavy bleeding and pains. Treatment with drugs like metformin and birth control pills may help. Consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. Hope this helps.
Take care and good luck.

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