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Postmenopausal multiple cysts

Stable small left ovarian cyst for 10 years. Post menopausal 12 years. Recent transvag ultrasound shows many new cysts small on both ovaries since last ultrasound 3 years ago. Md said right ovary looked like it was ovulating. Tumor marker labs done and both ovaries to be removed. Uterus is in place. Thanks for help.
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Ugh, I'm a woman that hopes that after menopause they don't say it looks like I had been ovulating!  I think cysts are more common before menopause but after happens. Still usually  harmless. Two types are common after menopause: 1.  dermoids, which develop from cells you’ve had since birth  and 2.     cystadenomas, which grow on the surface of the ovary.  So, you had the ovaries removed already after the finding of increased cysts?  What did the tumor marker show?
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