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Pregnancy after Ovarian Cyst Removal?

Can people comment on their experience and knowledge regarding fertility and pregnancy after having ovarian cysts removed. I know I have read a lot about people saying even with one ovary pregnancy is easily acheived.

What if cysts are removed from both ovaries, but the ovarian tissue on both ovaries are saved? Will the trauma to the ovary reduce the chance of pregnancy? I heard doctors say that if the ovarian tissue is saved ones fertility will not be compromised.

Does anyone have any doctors comments on this or literature regarding this?

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I do know that the remaining ovary does take over for the other ovary within a few months.  And I do believe that ovaries are pretty resilient.  I've heard of quite a few women whose doctors left tiny pieces of their ovaries when doing a hysterectomy and the darn things grew back.  One of my best friends had two surgeries for cysts in her early 20's and went on to easily get pregnant with her two lovely daughters in her 30's.  Good luck with everything!
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Thanks Trudie. I did some searching and found cases of people talking about conceiving after half less than 1 ovary. I am not sure if that is a rare case or the norm.
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My sister had an ovarian cyst that caused her ovary to twist and rupture.  They had to remove one of her ovaries in its entirety.  To prevent such large cysts, her docs put her on the B/C pill for several years.  When she decided to start a family, she went off the pill and today, she's the mother of a very healthy, vivacious four year old boy.  :-).

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the ability to produce eggs should not change ... the only thing i would worry about is if any scarification occurred in the tubes or entrance to the uterus to block the embryos implantation ... docs can locate scar tissue on ultrasounds, through a hysterosalpingogram (dye injected to the uterus to watch its spillage thru the tubes) and thru laparoscopy and the condition can be corrected ... if u are over a year post op and have not conceived i would consider finding a fertility specialist to correct this problem or harvest some eggs for IVF (if ur religion permits it)
i pray u get the baby u desire
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My daughter had her ovary removed 8 years ago and she now has a daughter 7, son 4 and now she is pregnant with twins due in the spring. so having just one ovary didn't stop her from having babies.
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I had dermoid cysts on both ovaries removed a year ago by laparotomy. My gynae said that a good amount of ovarian tissue was saved so there would be no problem conceiving. It took me at least 5 months to start feeling normal again but I was left with sharp pangs in my pelvic area. I spent the following  7 months desperately trying to conceive whilst struggling with the stabbing pains and bloated tummy. Eventually I convinced my gynae to operate on me again as he suspected adhesions from previous surgery were causing the pain and that I also may have blocked fallopian tubes from adhesions. I had a laparoscopy which was relatively painless as its two minor incisions in the pelvis and abdomen. I did have minor scarring and a dye was ran through my tubes to check for blockages - there weren't any. Two weeks after surgery I was finally PREGNANT. Thank you GOD!!  I am now 11 weeks.  I know its all about God's timing but I think a combination of stress and possible blocked tubes made it more difficult to conceive.
In a nutshell, removal of ovarian cysts should not affect your fertility.  I think stress has more of an affect BUT you know your body more than anyone so if you feel like there is something wrong then DO INSIST WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO HAVE IT CHECKED OUT. A woman's intiution cannot be challenged!
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I had an ovary and tube removed and went on to have a perfect little baby boy 3 years later - in fact almost 3 years to the day!  I won't say it wasn't a struggle for those 3 years trying our best to fall pregnant and not seeming to get anywhere every month, but I will say that I totally agree with CY545 in saying that stress has a lot to do with it.  We were told to try immediately after my ovary was removed as there was a chance that I would end up with the same problems on the other ovary, so that coupled with my biological clock, it became a total obsession and only when my hubby and I went away together for a weekend to "regroup" and made the decision to accept our lives just with each other and possibly never having bio kids, we were surprised to find out I was pregnant 2 weeks later.

I do believe kids come when they are ready, but I also know that anyone who tells you that probably doesn't know what you might be going through :-)

I never had any hormonal issues once the ovary was removed and carried on having very regular periods each month.  I am about to have another cyst removed from the remaining ovary but my gynae is hopeful that the ovary will be saved, but of course the can never be sure exactly how much damage will be done to the ovary or how much scar tissue will affect it.  But trhough my research over the years, I know there are many many women with 1 ovary who go on to have families.

Good luck to you.

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I had a cyst removed 1 month ago and after my follow up the doc asked me to conceive asap. She said that the cyst may recur in the other ovary. She has saved my ovary tissue and the tubes are also healthy. So I need to try soon. Any advice on that (trying to conceive) is highly appreciated. I am dying for a baby. :))
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Hi CY545, i had a cyst removed year ago...it was 12 inches big with two attached, i had a c-section to remove it and my left overy and tubes reconstructed. i am now 7 weeks (ish) pregnant and have my first docs appointment in two days. The thing is, i have consistent stabbing sharp pains where the cyst was but it does go, then comes back again occasionally. It feels abit tender to touch again occasionally... but no other symptoms bar nausea! Should i be visiting a&e?
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i had cysts removed 4 days ago from both of my ovaries,do i still have a chance to conceive?
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