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Recovering from Laprascopy

I am 24 years old and found out I had a cyst on each of my ovaries earlier this year. My surgery to remove them was on Monday. I have been in constant pain and am experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding. (I'd been bleeding non stop since August 2012 which is what led to the discovery of the cysts.) I think most of the pain I'm experiencing is from constipation. I took two laxatives earlier and I still haven't been able to go. It hurts to breathe and I'm becoming really depressed. The pain medication hasn't done anything other than make me drowsy. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take for you to feel better? Should I call my doctor's office? My post op appointment isn't until May 28th.
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Oh gosh! Im sorry to hear that! It is depressing, Last week when my period started I had really bad pelvic pain and my bladder hurt like if I had a bladder infection, I still have a lil bit of pain, like heavy and soreness in my ovaries, I get diarrhea and urinate a lot. Is berly been a week. Im just starting, The pain comes and goes, I went to doctors yesterday and I have a app for a ultrasound in Monday! So ill find out what exactly I have.. Im scared.. Dr. said she sure it has to be my ovaries.. I been reading peoples experience and stories sounds like nightmare. Im freaked out im scared, this is my first time. so far I ask my family about ovaries cyst and doesn't really run in my family.. Im hoping for the best.. Sorry!! I know I don't answer ur question. But I feel lonely and I need support..  I have made post in here but nobody seems to reply.  But u should call the Dr.  If u are in pain everyday and gets in between ur life style I believe is worth the surgery. I hear birth control pills can help with pain.. Im not sure! But I really hope u can feel better.. Im 25yrs and I cant believe we are so young and have all this issues.. Sometimes being a woman is not cool. I suffer anxiety and panic imagine that! I have enough problems and now this.. I hope and pray for us to be cure, and not get worst.. God bless u so much! one thing that I remind myself is keep faith, that's only way god help you..
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If you are feeling that horrible then I would suggest that you call your on call doctor to make sure that these are normal symptoms
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Of course I wrote a long post that didn't post because I wasn't signed in lol I had a small bm after I made my initial post which did help a little. I woke up feeling a lot better today. I was able to lay on my side without crying lol and I can stand up somewhat straight. I'm going to call my dr tomorrow just because it's the last week day and I'm supposed to go back to work Monday. I actually suffer from an anxiety disorder as well. I can give you my email address if you would like to talk more.
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