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Recovery after ovary removal surgery?

I am 41 with a strong family history of cancer. My mother had breast AND kidney cancer, and I recently lost my father to metastatic colorectal cancer. That being said, after having pain in the area of my left ovary, an ultasound found that I have "something" growing on my left ovary. A repeat ultrasound showed that it is growing, and I was giving the choice to leave it and "watch it" or have it removed. I did have a CA-125 blood test, which was "normal". However, given my experience with cancer, I feel it best to have my ovary removed and pathology done on the cyst/dermoid/mass growing on my ovary. To those of you who have had this surgery performed, I really would love to hear from the patients experience on what to expect during the recovery period. Thanks!
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Thanks for sharing your experience, sounds like your on the mend, great! This will be my first surgery, even though they call it a laparotomy, it's still out of my comfort zone! My surgery is next Thursday, and I have a consultation with an anestheologist and my surgeon this Wed. It's been 18 days and no pathology report? How long did they say it would take?
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they said it would take 5-10 days and they would let me know if there was a problem so im really hoping there isnt since they havent been in touch.

Good luck you will be fine xxx
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Hiya i had a 10cm mass and my right ovary removed 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I went into hospital the night before for a pre op assesment and went down to theatre at 11am the last time i remember seing the clock was 11.20am and i came round at 2pm. The surgeon tried to  do it thru the camera in my belly button but wasnt able to and had to cut me along my bikini line to remove them. I wont say it isnt painful because it is when you wake (although the pain killers soon sort that out) i had my catheter and drain removed on the saterday morning (operaion was thursday) and i started walking around sat the nurses also helped me to shower that day i went home sunday and over the past 2 weeks have got a bit better every day im now feeling 80% better and im pleased i had it out. Havent had any results from biopsy and its been 18 days but im only 23 and so they didnt think it was anything anyway so just need that confirming.

When is yor surgery? You will be fine and once back up on your feet will be pleased its out.

Good luck and take care xxx
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Hello -
I had an 8cm endometriosis removed along with my left ovary through laparotomy (vertical incision) at the beginning of January.  It was my first surgery too, and while I was nervous about it, I must say having that monster out of my body was worth it.  I was in the hospital overnight, went home the next day and was in quite a lot of pain during the first week...it took a lot of coaxing from my mom to get me to stand and walk, but everyday was significantly better than the one before. Being a fairly active person I got frustrated about my limitations but give yourself time and just know that you will recover and feel better than ever.   Anything else specific you were wondering about the recovery/surgery?  Keep us updated!  Best, Libby
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I had surgery in feb. for a small dermoid cyst, was in the hospital at 7 a.m. back home at 4. Took one pain pill in the evening and that was it. Discomfort from gas between shoulders, nothing bad just did not expect that. Waiting for the surgery was worse then the surgery...Best of luck to you! Hugs :)
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I had a laparotomy to remove a 30 cm ovarian cyst 6 weeks ago.  Yes, 30 cm!  It weighed 20 pounds and had over 6 litres of fluid in it.  They made a midline incision from my ribcage to below my belly button, about 11 inches, so it was a pretty major cut.  I was also 22 weeks pregnant at the time, so it was kinda scary.  My baby and I made it out just fine though.  I remember coming to in the recovery room and panicking a little because my throat was so sore and I couldn't swallow.  I felt like I was choking.  But they swabbed my tongue and I felt fine after that, then I realised I was in quite a bit of pain from the incision and I told them so they must have given me more drugs because it went away.  I had an epidural as well as general anesthesia, but I don't know if that is typical.  I think it may have been so I wouldn't have to have morphine because of the baby.  My partner stayed a few nights in the hospital with me and that was a huge help.  I had a lot of nausea every time I would get up and walk around and he was always there to help, handing me something to get sick in then taking it away and giving me a facecloth and a drink of water.  He was better than any of the nurses working there (or maybe just not as busy.)  Altogether it was a lot less painful than I thought it would be.  Moving around was hard at times and getting settled in when I would lie down was a bit painful, but once I was lying still for a while it was fine. You have to hold a pillow over your stomach when you cough or sneeze or whatever, even laughing was kinda hard.  I found that just giving myself the time to recover was the hardest because I wanted to get back to my routine after a couple of weeks.  You start to feel better and think you're all healed but when you try to do something you realise you still have a ways to go.  So, be patient with yourself.  Try to find someone who is patient and compassionate that will help you with housework or whatever.  Don't feel guilty for taking it easy and getting the rest you need.  Good luck!!
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