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Recurring Ovarian Cysts

I now have had at least 4 ovarian cysts in the last year. In January I had one on each side, and I'm waiting to go in for an ultrasound in a few more weeks to see if they are still there, or if I'm currently experiencing symptoms for a new one, (I was feeling great in February). I also have a new Dr. cause my old dr just shrugged off my concerns, and this last time only told me I had one, and saying it was no big deal. I actually found out I had 2 and one was complex. She didn't even care to see me again for follow up.

Anyway, so I'm awaiting my new dr appt in a few weeks. I'm really nervous about these recurring cysts. So far I think even these last 2 have gone away and I think I have a new one again. Making a total of 5 in a year. They are always small like 2cm but I get a lot of symptoms that make my life miserable. I'm also wanting to start a family soon..I'm 37 1/2 and right now this is the only thing preventing me from starting a family because I don't know if its ok.

Does anyone know what my options are? Is it ok to have recurring cysts? Will I have problems with getting pregnant or being pregnant because of this? Should exploratory surgery happen to see why I'm getting these? Or is this really a suck it up your a woman problem like my last Dr. treated it.
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Sorry I don't have any answers, but I'm with you on the recurring cysts.
The Gyno and I were convinced that the Mirena IUD was the cause for the recurrent cysts and it was removed during the last laparoscopy in November '11 when the cyst was drained. There was no endometriosis and no PCOS - all went fine for 3 months and the dull/stabbing pain is back since the beginning of the month. I was doubled over with pain exactly 2 weeks ago (Mar 12) and thought it had ruptured, but I was only pain free for 4 days before the dull aching started again.

What symptoms do you have?
I suffer with a bloated tummy - even though I work out like crazy at the gym 3-4 times a week and I eat healthy, I look 4 months pregnant. Also a lot of flatulence and then back-aches. My DH actually got to the point to convince me that I should see a chiropractor for my lower back problems and then I read about the lower back pain & ovarian cysts this afternoon. And then of course the aching in my right abdomen.

Do you always get the cysts on one side, or both?  Mine are always at the right side.

Also - do you find that the pain is worse sometimes and then again more managable on other days? I've come to the point where I refuse to take any more pain medications because I can empty a box within 10 days if I have to keep on popping pills to help relieve the pain.

I've had progesterone treatment for 3 months last year from June till September and it worked well for the cysts, but the dull aching returned a mere 2 weeks after I stopped taking it (the progesterone made me feel horrible!) and it ended in a laparoscopic drainage (again).

I really don't know what the options are. With my last hospitalisation the Gyno asked if I was done having kids and I'm not sure, I think I might want to take a go for a 3rd child - because she had something in mind that would help. Not sure what though.   Can they take out one ovary and hope the other one will bring on a baby should you want to TTC? Someone else told me that they can do a incision and remove the cyst instead of just draining it like they would do with a laparoscopy. But I don't know what else to do. Apparently the Pill was supposed to help, but here I am 3 months on the pill and suffering for the last month.

I'm sitting here with this current one shooting down into my right leg and when I phoned the gyno's office earlier today, the nurse told me to phone again early in the morning and she'd get my file ready for the doctor to have a look at, since they know my history.

I really hope there is something they can do about this and it is not a "suck it up woman problem".... gosh I'd hate that!

Good luck - I hope you & I find answers soon.
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Hiya, i also have the mirena coil, I'm convinced this is what is giving me right hand stomach pain, hip pain , bloating, back ache, I've been to the Drs he sent me for blood tests which have come back clear. If I get the pain back I might ask dr to send me for a scan. How did you get on with Marina coil?

Lisa x
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Thanks for your reply.  Sounds like you have a real go of it too..sorry to hear that.  So far nothing has been done with my cysts, thinking so far they have all gone away.  One that I know was a cyst the Dr. told me i didn't have one and she refused to send me for an ultrasound saying nothing was there and that I didn't have a problem.lol.  I was in agony.  That went away though.  Same symptoms each time, first one was by far the worst though.  I usually have pain from one side to the middle of my pelvic area, feels like something is sitting on my bladder and squeezing my uterus and my bladder at times.  I have to pee a lot on some days, some days I feel nauseous, some days just drained, my breasts get huge feeling swollen and painful.  Since this all started a year ago, my breasts have grown one whole size. Sometimes I can feel my cervix and a little pain with it.   I am bloated, with my first cyst I was bloated so bad you would think I was pregnant it was embarrassing.  I am gassier, sometimes I am constipated.  Symptoms worse for about 1 week to 2 weeks before period, and one full week after.  you know I feel ok for one week out of the month..lol.  Symptoms can be worse after sex too.

I haven't done any birth control pills cause we wanted to TTC soon.   I've wondered about endometriosis but so far CT scans and ultrasounds have shown everything is normal.  I'm just tired of going through this.  

I've tried to reduce my plastic exposure, actually threw out all tupperware and only using metal or glass containers to microwave or store food in.  I've lost over 30 lbs and eating a very high in fiber, natural food diet, with little caffeine and pre-packaged foods with additives.  Plus I also work out a ton.  Sometimes I think my working out makes my symptoms worse, so this week I'm taking it light since I've been feeling more pain.

I really just can't believe so far that this is natural.  I can't imagine continuing what seems like would the remaining time of my pre menopausal life dealing with this many cysts every year.    
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Oh to and to answer your question about what side..I've had cysts on both sides, I think the right primarily..but the left has had at least one that I'm aware of.  Also, I hAven't been any form of birth control pills or the like in over 7 years..so I can only blame not taking something..which I guess is a possibility for the reasoning of my cysts.  
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The doctor explained that it sometimes happen that the woman's own hormones are too strong and overshadows that of the mirena and then it create cysts. I had 3 mirenas for a total period of just over 5 years. The first one perforated after 2 1/2 years and had to be removed. Back then I also suffered a lot from pelvic pain, but the doctors (incl old gyn) always brushed it off as IBS.  I got the second Mirena after my first son was born and the cycsts were worse then. But I never really mentioned it to the new gyn since I was told that it was IBS so I took lots of expensive IBS medications and kept with a high fibre diet in order to try and help, which of courrse didn't help.  Then one night as I got out of bath the cyst ruptured and since it was on the right side we immediatly thought it was my appendix and I was rushed to the ER. A CT scan was done as well as sonograms and Xrays as they expected either kidney stones or a tubal pregnancy and even the u/s scan didn't show the cyst - we only saw a huge round bubble on my right side, which the ER doctor told me was "gas due to IBS". I was sick to death a week later and went to the GYno and she also did a u/s scan and couldn't see anything and I was sent to hospital because the pain was unbearable. During a laparoscopy it was found that my large intestine was covering the cyst, which at that time already contained 100ml blood!  THe mirena was kept in though and since that was the first recorded cyst at the Gyno we thought it would be a once-only occurence, but it came back again and again and again.

The 3rd Mirena was the worst of the lot and I had bi-weekly periods for about 18 months straight. A cyst ruptured last year Nov @ Work and I was rushed to hospital and it was drained via Laparoscopy. It was then when I was convinced that it was the mirena and we agreed to take it out and hoped it would be the end of the cysts, but not....

My file is on the gyno's desk this morning so I'm expecting her call and will then wait to see what happens next.
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Wow you really have been through the worst! I have been lucky enough so far (knock on wood) to not have one rupture.  The worst so far was my first one that must have been twisting or something because the pain was unbearable..and I was told not to do anything for 6 weeks. lol..that was fun.  I hope you find answers, and when you do, please share them.  
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Ow for the twist! I cannot recall any of the previous ones twisting.
I'm seeing my gyneacologist tomorrow. I really hope that I can get answers then. I'm fed up with this pain. I had about 4 really sharp shooting pains today that left me bent over
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research about supplementing with iodine. I've had ovarian cysts, one even the same size as my ovary which I saw on ultrasound. Iodine deficiency can lead to cysts in all different places, the ovaries, uterus, breasts, skin. Dr. Jorge Flechas, Dr. Brownstein and some other doctors have info online you can read. I've had good results taking iodine, I used Lugol's drops every day, need to start taking it again actually lol. Taking the iodine also helps my period be regular, short and lighter. Caffeine contributes to getting cysts and/or making them worse from my experience. I was on the birth control pill for about 5 years after seeing the ovary sized cyst, but the pill led to different problems. If your cysts are caused by an iodine deficiency, you should supplement and give your body what it needs, work with your body don't try to overpower it :) and you will be healthier!
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Hi, I feel your pain! I had a laproscopic cystectomy on 31st January to remove a 7cm cyst. Over the last 6 weeks the pain has come back along with all the symptoms I had before, but worse. Plus I've had a 6 week period! :-( I've made an appointment to see my gyne tomorrow, so I better get some answers!  I hope everything is OK with everyone else who has commented on here... I'm so sick of being in pain and I want to have my active sex life back! Arg!
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Hello, late in the conversation but I have had 2 cysts in less than 60 days. I'm almost 29, no kids. I'm on Lutera bc pills and have been taking them for over 2 years. Before that was Depo in my teens and early 20's. We don't know how big the first cyst was as it had already ruptured by the time I went to the doctor (6 days of constant pain sent me in). I haven't had a period in 3 months but that may be from the Lutera. This new cyst is 3.5 cm and causes a lot of pain. I go back in 2 weeks to see how it has progressed, either by rupturing, growing or shrinking. Surgery if it's gotten any bigger.... I have a family history of endometriosis so I'm worried about that too...
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I have been reading everyone's posts. Let me just say how sorry I  am for anyone too feel this pain. I have had MANY cysts over the last several years. That pain is intense and suden, so I usually go to the ER. Most of them the dr called phantom cyst. By the time I get to er, they've ruptured. Free flowing fluid is all they see. I have about 5 or so per year. I went to a different ER Sunday night, instead of doing a ct scan this dr did an ultrasound.

This pain started over a month ago. I get 1 or 2 days symptom free, then back w a vengeance. I never really thought about some of the symtoms everyone talked about. Just thought some was from the back issues (herniated disk and sciatica).

Mine is only about 2cm, sometimes it feels like 20cm. When mine start hurting it is sudden. I was doubled over I literally could not walk any movement felt like my insides were coming out. I had some spotting about 2 wks ago and horrible discharge. This is the first one Ive had that affected urination though, urge to go often, feeling of not being able to empty completely Gas, constipation yet diaherrea nauseous, super tired and weak. It is on my left ovary, but feel intense pain all the way across my pelvic area. I dont know that I helped anyone except to reassure you are alone. I havent left my house for 4 days because the symptoms are so bad. If anyone has home remedies I would love to hear them.
Home remedies:
Drink chamomille tea and use heating pad. Also, look up apple cider vinegar and black strap molasses (this recipe drink is known to shrink ovarian cysts). And essential oils Frankincense, Clary Sage, and gerranium recipe. Cant remember the exact amounts of all but look it up. Rub topically on peliv area where pain exists. Hope this helps you. God bless!
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