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Scared! Ovarian cyst or ovarian cancer? US tomorrow.

Hey everyone. I'm 25 years old mother to a 5 year old boy! I been having back pain, side pain under rib cage, pressure in my uterus, spikey pain in my ovary/hip area, nausea, and frequent urination. worried sick and feel terribly alone! Any input would be great.

My problems with ovarian cysts started this past January where I had a US/TVUS that found a complex cyst the size of a small lemon. My Obgyn was confident it would go away on it's own.

I stopped having pain from it and assumed it went away and went about my normal life until March when I started feeling similar pain. Pulling feeling, pains in my sides, legs back. I went back and had another US/TVUS and they found that the original cyst on my right went away but I formed 2 smaller ones on my left.

I'm already on birth control so my doctor said to stop taking the iron pills. She thought more hormones would stop the formation of cysts.  Didn't seem worried at all. Pain subsided and I assumed they went away. I never went and got them checked a month later like they wanted me to because I got my insurance downgraded and wasn't able to see my old OBGYN. I just assumed that I had no pain they probably went away.

Now fast forward to June-july! I missed a few days of birth control in between my packs. But maybe sometime around 3 weeks ago I started having lower back pains. I do a lot of standing at work and related it to that. But my back pain got more persistent and accompanied by thigh pain. I also started having that pully feeling as well in my ovary/pelvis area. That's when I started thinking maybe it's another cyst. I tried to find a new Obgyn on my new insurance but couldn't get an appointment until mid August with the new place. I had to go away on vacation a week
Ago and was actually feeling okay felt like my symptoms subsided besides some gas I was having but I related it to a new probiotic I was taking.

When I got home a week ago I i defiantly noticed my symptoms came back full throttle. I had just got off a 2 hour plane ride and had held my pee the whole time. I started noticing the first day back the back pain, the leg pain, the pulling or pressure  in my uterus, and sharp stingy pain in my hips that radiates up to behind my rib cage and some nausea but I still have a good appetite.  The thing that freaked me out was now for 3 days I been having to urinate about once or twice an hour. But I'm also drinking water. I went to my GP because I didn't want to wait for the Obgyn. She did give me a urine test which was negative. She felt around my tummy said it seemed fine. But suspected I probably had another ovarian cyst and scheduled me an ultrasound for Tuesday the 28th (tomorrow).

All weekend I been working myself up looking up the symptoms for ovarian cancer. I'm so afraid with my similar symptoms that i have a tumor or something. I just had an US 3 months ago and one other 1 month before that both only found cysts. Could it be something more serious this time?
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I am not a medical professional so I can't answer your question for sure BUT I can tell you that back in January I had missed some of my birth control pills and I began to get sick.  Pain, Nauseous, some blood, ect.... after the ultra sound it was determined that I had a cyst on my ovary.  

I would guess that is what is wrong with you.  I know that it is hard but try to relax and not think to much on it until tomorrow when you see the Dr. and get your test results.
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Welcome to the community. Since everything settled down while you were on vacation, maybe you should go on vacation again ha ha! All kidding aside, I know our minds tend to go to the worst case scenario. But if you do not have a family history of ovarian cancer then your lifetime risk for OC is less than 2% (1.3% per the National Cancer Institute).

Your symptoms are not unusual for ovarian cysts. It is good you decided to get a u/s through your GP instead of waiting to get into an ob/gyn. That way you won't have to wait and worry so long even though most ovarian cysts are benign and end up resolving on their own. Let us know what you find out.
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Thanks for the reassuring feedback! I know I'm young and no history of it in my family. I had my ultrasound done on Tuesday its now Thursday. My doctors office says they have received the results but are waiting for my GP to review it and that she has a full scheadule so that I might not hear back until tomorrow or Monday! IIt's gonna be torture waiting. I'm so bent over this that I took a week off from my job.

I know I've had cysts before that just resolved on their own. But I'm also worried about the one they found 3 months ago that I never checked back on even tho the doctor said it was small and functional.

My pain is a lot better though these past 2 days. Still feeling a little pressure in my uterus. Yesterday had nausea off and on which scared me but I heard its common for a cyst or maybe it's just stress -.-

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I am glad to hear your pain is subsiding! Hopefully, you will get your results tomorrow. Let us know what you find out...hoping the cyst is gone! Keep in mind that symptoms can linger even after the cyst resolves.
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