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Second Ultrasound

I had another ultrasound yesterday before going to the hospital for lithotripsy. The cyst has shrunk even more. The tv ultrasound was extremely painful. The doc said it was because the ovary was traumatized from the cyst and trying to heal itself.  She said that there's no need to remove the ovary because of the cyst, but that I could have it removed to alleviate pain. Because of my increased risk of cancers due to the chemical exposure, I may want to have them out at the time of menopause. I feel certain I will do that at least. I'm not sure if I want to have the left ovary out now. I don't want to go a whole school year hurting and feeling horrible, but who knows whether or not that would be the case. If I'm going to do it, I need to schedule it asap while I'm out for summer. I don't know what the cons of having it out would be other than just having to have surgery. Any thoughts?
Blessings to everyone!
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Hi Steff.  Sorry you are so sore from your porcedure yesterday.  My sister in law had that done not too long ago.  She gets kidney stones all the time.  That is wonderful news that you cyst has shrunk.  I think taking your ovary out is a big decision.  With a larger risk of developing cancer, it may be worth your peace of mind.  I know about having to get it done on summer break, as I am a teacher's aide.  I will be having my surgery on July 17th and we go back to school on August 13!!  What does your gyn recommend that you do?  We are here if you need to talk it out.  Thinking and praying for you.

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Wow, tough decision.  You need to know whether they can do this laparoscopically or if you need a laparotomy.  Big difference in the recovery times.  Good luck!
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