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Severe Pain from Ovarian Cysts

Hi...I'm 40 years old.  For the past 4 almost 5 months I've been experiencing severe right side groin pain, lower back pain and pain going down the inner part of my upper thigh.  My husband took me to the ER about 2 months ago and they said that I "probably" had a cyst that ruptured. ll continued to have pretty bad pain.   I finally went to the doctors about 3 months into it and they scheduled a pelvic ultrasound which showed multiple (6-8)  ovarian cysts and a lot of free flowing fluid in that area.  That was the week before Christmas.  I had to have a colonoscopy done this past week and during the procedure the doctor ruptured yet another cyst.  The pain still continues and NOTHING relieves it except laying flat and I get some relief them.  I can not sit long, can not stand long, can not lay on my side, can not do anything without the pain getting severe.  Does this sound normal for cysts?  I've had cysts in the past but never like this.  I'm thinking about asking them to either remove the cysts or take the ovary.  I can not go on hormones due to another medical problem I have so that is not an option to help with this.  Need some opinions!!!  Can not take this pain anymore!!!  
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The cause of pain needs to be determined. The pain caused by rupture of a cyst will subside soon and also should not be so severe. The presence of free fluid raises the possibility of pelvic infection. The decision to remove the cyst will depend on the size of the cysts and their nature. Consult a gynaecologist for an internal examination and a repeat scan.
Take care and good luck.
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Thank you for your reply.  It's been almost 2 weeks since the second cyst ruptured and I've even gotten my period and still I have no relief from the pain.  If anything it has gotten worse.  I also found out that the medication I have to take called Prograf (it's an anit-rejection drug due to my liver Tx) causes abnormal cyst growth also on the ovaries.  I can not come of this medication as I need it so I do not reject my liver and I can not go on birth control.  The only alternative I can think of is to remove the ovary.  If only the cysts are removed then the chances of them returning are high.  I am going to present my case to my GYN in hopes he will so something quick.  The pain is overtaking my everyday life.....I can not go on like this.
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  i am praying for you, i hope they can find somthing to help, be strong and brave and hang in there it will get better.
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I had my period this night and I was sleeping the and awoke to excruciating tearing pain in both of
my ovaries the pain was so severe that I immediately began to cry .It lasted for a good 35 minutes or so I went to the bathroom and there was a large amount of blood in the toilet blood up on the lower portion of my back.I called my OBGYN and they set up an ultra sound I had the ultra sound and the test was very lengthy I missed the call from the Dr.and now I am worried about what this may be any guesses?  
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