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Severe pain in right side going out the shoulder making it hard to breath

Has anyone else experienced severe pain in right side of chest and out the shoulder with an ovarian cyst?

I went to the E.R. 1/31/13. I had a bladder infection and a ruptured ovarian cyst, They kept me overnight. Then I had a follow up appt with my gyno. 3/4/13.  Discovered through an ultrasound and ct scan. The followup ultralsound showed the cyst grew from 7cm to 10.5cm. She said I would need surgery. So I went home and waited 2 days for a call from the oncologist office she referred my case. Appt 3/13/13. We discussed options and I finally had more details about what is going on. There is material growing inside the cyst as well as fliud present. Another appt 3/20/13. My decision to take the right ovary and tube, remove cervix, uterus, etc. Leave only the left ovary and tube if there are no issues with them. When my doctor called to schedule my appt, she used different codes... posibble X, possible X.  Meaning they would test and know if cancer is present at that time.  My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, April 4th, 2013 which is the day after my son's 4th birthday. At least I get to spend time with him on his special day!  This is my 1st surgery. I'm not looking forward to 4-5 days in the hospital and 4-6weeks recovery. On the bright side, I'll be glad when I'm recovered and the cold weather should be far behind us in Tennessee. =)
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