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Sharp pain on opposite side of cyst

About 2 months ago, I was having sex with my boyfriend when I felt a very sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. It was sharp enough to make me jump, and it did feel a little sore afterwards but we were able to finish. Ever since then, I've developed a nagging pain in my lower right abdomen. The best I can describe it is like a very localized cramp that radiates all the way down to my right calf, lower right back, and to the right side of my groin.

My GP sent me to get a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. They found a gallstone, a small gallbladder polyp, and a 3 mm cyst on my left ovary. My GP was absolutely puzzled because the pain is much too low to be caused my the gallstone, and the cyst is on my left ovary, not my right.

My period is due in the next few days and I've noticed that the pain has gotten markedly worse, to the point where my right leg is starting to feel numb. My GP was initially concerned about my appendix, but the ultrasound showed no inflammation, my blood and urine is normal, and pressing on the area doesn't really cause anymore pain than there already is. Is it possible that another cyst or even a fibroid was missed? Should the numb leg be a major cause for concern?
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I just thought I would update with some additional symptoms. In the last day, not only has the pain and leg numbness not gone away, but I developed dizziness and severe nausea. I've been trying to keep myself from gagging all day. I'm really worried and am considering going to the ER because I know it could be a myriad of issues, from IBS to cancer. I should also mention that 5 years ago, I suddenly developed a problem with constipation and over the next 2 years was in and out of my GP's office. They said I likely had IBS. So I've been dealing with constipation and stomach problems for a long time now. This is the first time it's ever manifested in an odd sort of localized cramping pain. Does anyone have any insight? I'm really concerned.
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Could you be pregnant? I had an ectopic rupture on me and I had similar problems...severe nausea, vomiting, cold sweat, hearing people like through tubes (it was from internal bleeding and i walked around like that for nearly 2 weeks)...numbness and pain going down through my thighs...

I had cramping pain on the left side (they ended up removing tube and contents)...

Hope you do ok!!! I'd definately get to er and have them check you out asap!
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Sorry for your pain :( I have a 4.5/5cm cyst on my right ovary, I had an u/s done a couple weeks ago and she didn't "see" anything on the left, but also didn't even see the ovary. so, I'm going back in this afternoon to get re-scanned early... I have what seems like the same localized on the left side pain eventho the cyst we know of is on the right.  I have not gotten a cleaar answer to this phenomenon, but hopefully will get one today.  My OB suggested when I went in, that because my cyst is bleeding into itself, that when it bleeds it can cause pain and she said it was possible that the ovary and cyst tucked itself behind my uterus and so it would feel like it was on the left eventho attached to the right... that's all i can offer right now though.  My appt is in a couple hours so i'll update this evening and let you know what she says in my case.  The last two days the pain seems to be spreading out between surges, but I have not been feeling well otherwise, had a killer migraine last night which i haven't dealt with in months, and was UBER nauseous last night, and the night before, a little bit today, but i'm on implanon (the implant BC which should not have been recommended to a woman with ovarian cysts in her history) so i know its not bc i'm pregnant.
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I'm sorry for both of your pain as well. amyloudit, I'd really like to know what your results are. It's interesting about the cyst tucking itself behind the uterus.

I reread my original entry and should note that my cyst is 3.2 cm, not 3 mm. Since I last wrote, I've developed a number of other symptoms. I feel like I'm going crazy because none of my symptoms seem to add up to one thing. What I've had so far is:

- the original sharp pain in my lower right
- lower right back pain
- right leg and right hand tingling and numbness
- bouts of nausea and dizziness, worse in the mornings
- tender groin on the right (where my lymph nodes are, I think)
- bad taste in the back of my throat along with chest tightness and heaviness, pain is worse on the left
- cold sweats when sleeping

I haven't lost my appetite yet and luckily, have been having BM's pretty regularly and painlessly (regarding my history with what my regular doctor thinks is IBS). I should mention that I was born with a heart murmur and have been seeing a cardiologist every two years my whole life. The chest heaviness and pain on the left is more than a little alarming and the only other time I've felt this kind of pain for this long is when I had an infection a year ago that took a week to clear up with antibiotics. I've been coughing a little, so perhaps it's related to something like that, but the bad taste in the back of my throat made me believe it might be GERD. Again, that doesn't seem to fit with symptoms of a cyst. The heaviness/pain feels a little worse after I eat, but so far it's been relatively constant for about 4 days. I plan on making an appointment with my cardiologist soon to make sure it isn't something else.

The other question is my period. I'm pretty regular, with cycles anywhere from 29-33 days. I was about 5 days late yesterday when I had sex with my boyfriend. Afterwards, we realized that I had been bleeding the whole time. The rest of the day and today, I've had spotting. This is not usual with my period...I tend to have one day of spotting and then a full blown period the following day. I really don't think I'm pregnant as we use protection for most of the time we have sex but the irregular period and spotting is odd. I've read that cysts can cause that, but of course, I'm worried that I'm pregnant. I did take a pregnancy test a few days ago and it was negative.

All in all, I really have no idea what all of this is and if some things are related to the original pain in my lower right and others are just figments of my imagination, or caused by stress over all of this. Part of my worry is that my father's mother passed away from cervical cancer, and my mother's mom passed away from ovarian cancer. So this runs in my family and I'm incredibly paranoid that all of these odd symptoms are warning me of cancer.

I have an appointment with a gynecologist tomorrow to review my abdominal, pelvic, and trans v ultrasounds. I guess I'll just have to see where things go from there.
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Did the pain slowly get worse over those 2 weeks? What finally prompted you to go to the ER? I'm starting to wonder if this is what's going on with me.

I saw my gyno two days ago and she seemed fairly confident that I was just plain old pregnant. At that time, I had brown spotting for two days and felt lightheaded/dizzy pretty constantly along with chest pains. That same day, the spotting turned into what I think is my period...very heavy bleeding, clots, bright red, lots of cramps (this is typical for me). However, the dizziness and chest pain haven't stopped. The bleeding seems heavier, and today, the dizziness is starting to feel like it's pulling me down, if that makes sense. If I lean too far to one side, I feel like I'm going to fall over.

I'm worried and have been waiting to hear back on my blood test results so I can ask about the possibility of an ectopic. As far as I know, most ectopics carry on like a regular pregnancy but I've also heard that bleeding or a regular period is possible. Or perhaps I'm miscarrying right now, but it seems strange that the dizziness is getting worse.

I don't know why I'm scared to go to the ER, it just seems like until I pass out or am writhing in pain, I shouldn't be wasting their time. I hope that's not a mistake.
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Hi there !!

I think I have endometriosis and have similar symptoms to you but on the left side.  This doesn't show up on any scans and the only was they can see it is with an exploratory  laparoscopy .

What are they going to do about the gallstone???

You have to watch that as it may travel into your pancreas!!

My operation is not until January but haven't got a confirmed date yet :(
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Hi. Can anyone leave an update here please as I am going through the same as lipstickiller
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