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Side effects of ovary removal in menopause

I have recently been recommended to have one ovary removed due to a large, persistant ovarian cyst being attached to it.  It has also been suggested that I have the other ovary removed at the same time to prevent the possibility of ovarian cancer .  There is no history of ovarian cancer in my family nor breast cancer.  My cyst does not appear cancerous in the ultra sound.  Does anyone have an opinion about this diagnosis?  Does anyone know the side effects to ovary removal  in menopause?  Does anyone know if the ovaries have a role in women's health in menopause?  Thanks for your thoughts on these issues.
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Hi there,
I have just been reading a book called the hysterectomy hoax which has lots of info about the role of ovaries for women's health and it basically suggests to be cautius with any decisions about surgery. BUT - this does not mean that it will not be the best thing for your situation, but I would get a second opinion, or ask your existing doc to clarify why he thinks removing both might be neccesary. I have heard they will remove one if there are cyst issues - I had a cyst removed and had to sign to agree to remove the ovary in case it was neccesary. But removing an undamaged one is unusual without the history of OVCA to me (like I am na expert!). As for the impacts of ovary removal in menopause- maybe one of the helpful ladies might respond?

best wishes for a good resolution
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I did send her a message about my own menopausal experience.
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   I'm postmenopausal and had one ovary and tube removed in January due to cyst. I really would have liked everything removed.. but Dr. said absolutely no way. No reason to and she couldn't justify removing healthy organs. All this to say, I still have one ovary .. I don't know why your Dr. would be fearful of leaving one ovary since you don't seem to be "high risk" .
    As to any affect this has on my health , etc. There doesn't seem to be any. I'm way past menopause ..I've not seen any difference in my health at all. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for responding Sandymac...  The Doctor is not the fearful one, he gave me a completely honest pro and con arguement concerning taking the other organ out while he was in there.  He said the medical community leans toward leaving the healthy organ in but if it was his wife he would recommend taking it out  since it plays no role any longer and to prevent any possible future probems. I'm the fearful one.  Sue
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Thanks for responding Jaxsie.  I'll pick up that book you recommended.  Sue
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I don't know if anyone can respond but I'm hoping you can since you went through the procedure.  I am having both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed due to a large cyst on left one.  However, since I am postmenopausal, my doctor wants to remove both.  I am extremely nervous over the surgery as it is my first surgery since have 2 cesarian sections.  I am 55 years old and I am a wreck!  I'm praying they'll be able to perform the surgery laproscopically (pardon my spelling!) but may not be able to if they find scar tissue relating to the cesarians.  How did you feel afterwards?  Was your surgery laproscopic?  How long were you in the hospital and how long after was your recovery?  I can't afford to be out of work more than a few days so I am very worried!  Did you have alot of pain afterward?  I know you last posted here in November but I am so hoping you read this.  Thanks so much to all who may respond.  I know I am just being over the top about this but I am really nervous and that is so not how I normally react!!  Eileen
Hi, I'm having ovaries removed at 63 and now a bit concerned.  How did this end up for you Eileen?  Did you have any problems with anything after the removal?
Hi Cheryl. We are the same age. What is going on with your ovaries that it's been recommended that they be removed? It is rare that a woman truly needs an ovary or ovaries removed even though it is commonly done. Some doctors and researchers have called it out as unethical and needing to stop. The rate of ovary removal is ~70% of the hysterectomy rate and almost half of women end up having a hysterectomy, another almost always unnecessary surgery.

The ovaries as well as the uterus are essential to good health a woman's whole life.  There is extensive medical literature on the harms and increased health risks of their removal even after menopause. Even removal of one ovary is associated with health problems such as dementia and parkinsonism. According to this study, ovary removal even as late as age 75 is associated with increased mortality - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16055568/. This one talks about the many harms - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19702455. It causes accelerated aging - https://wtvr.com/2016/09/29/study-remove-ovaries-age-faster/. I have connected with many women since my unwarranted hysterectomy and oophorectomy at age 49. Some had surgery in their mid and late 60's and one was 72 and even they felt the effects. The 72 YO said she felt "dead inside" to which many women who have had a hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy can relate. The "Ovaries for Life" website at http://www.overy.org/ lists many of the studies on this subject.

I will be happy to share more links as well as my personal experience if you would like.
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I'm going to start a new thread on this one since this thread is really old ! You'll get more responses on a new thread.. I'm going to head up the new thread with your name in subject line..
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I had both ovaries removed in January 2009 along with a large cyst on the left one.  I am post menopausal and I feel no different having them both removed.  In fact, I feel a lot better for it.

I never had any kind of surgery before.  I ended up with a laparotomy for this.  About a 4.5 to 5" vertical incision from below the belly button downwards. Along with exploratory of the surrounding organs to make sure no cancer developed.  Thankfully no cancer was found.

It was major surgery for me.  In the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights.  Home from work for 6 weeks.  It is now week 8 and I still have some abdominal tenderness and still avoid heavy lifting.  Still cannot push a vaccuum.

If you've had a C-section, this surgery and the recovery are very similar.  I suppose laparoscopy is possible, but only your doctor can say for sure.  It seems that older women tend to get the laparotomy because the cancer risk grows with age.  That is also why removal of both ovaries is recommended.  Once one gets a large cyst, the other often does the same.
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This thread is quite old and it's been suggested  that we start new threads rather than reply to old ones.
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Hi I just had that surgery and the Dr in Vancouver BC Cancer Clinic told me that it might be wise to take both out at the same time. And I did but I am wondering myself as I haven't asked the Dr yet what or could I have side effects although I am 61 and was long passed it all. But they  said laproscopically is so less invasive than the other way.. so that's what I had done ..its day surgery only about an hour . So that's good but like anything its a persons attitude and I am almost 3 weeks from surgery but I think I am a bit depressed and I did too much in the beginning and now I am so desperately tired but I was told that's from the anesthesia /. So will be talking to a Dr tomorrow on the cons which its too late for me the ovaries are both out. just want to know if we need any hormone treatments and can having it out cause some depression I am having? I am sort of glad I had them both out but I swear I never want surgery of any kind again.. So my advice find out before I guess I wasn't listening and rest ,rest ,rest.. I thought I would be good in a week but 3 weeks later I have decided to get back into bed.. oh ya the reason I had both out was because of my age and would never want to leave it to chance for cervical cancer . They say most cancers start in the fallopian tubes so I had both ovaries and tubes removed.. who wants to get another operation.. ok hope this mad a little sense,,sorry for all my spelling mistakes Bev
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