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Simple cysts in the ovary

Hi everyone,
My sister (23) unmarried is having 3 to 4 cms cysts in her ovaries since last 4 months, she is on medication andhave done sonography for almost 4 times in this duration, she takes her medicine on time and vregular in her food intake, but still the pain is not reduced rather the qty of the cysts increased.  
Pleaes answer my questions a) Are these cysts cause infertility in the women? b) what if the cysts will be removed? is it safe? can she concive after removal of these cysts??
Pl suggest.

thank you
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To answer your questions, untreated cysts can cause infertility in cases where the type of cyst you have affectsyour hormones and you no longer ovulate until they are removed.  It is important she find out what kind of cysts she has and whether she has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  Some types of cysts are more concerning than others.  Some will resolve themselves within a couple of cycles and cysts over 5 cm and suspicious cysts need to be removed.  She is at risk of rupture or torsion (twisting) which can lead to infection and emergency surgery.  Sometimes when removing cysts the ovary and possibly the tube get removed as well due to damage from the cyst.  Fertility remains with one operating ovary as the other ovary picks up the slack within a few months.  If she has cysts on both ovaries she needs to have a discussion with her gyn about options and plans to ensure her fertility is preserved.  Once this is fixed they will likely want to put her on birth control pills to stop her from ovulating and creating additional cysts.  
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