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Skin numbness in leg due to cyst?

I've been diagnoses with a large ~12cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary, and a smaller, blood filled cyst, possible related to endometriosis, on my left. I've had painful periods for years now, which it seems is due to the left cyst - that's the side the pain is worse on.

I've been advised to have a laparotomy to remove the demoid and to further investigate the possibility of endometriosis and remove any related tissue.

Which is all a bit scary, but I'm booked to go under the knife on November 9th.

However this last week I have noticed a patch of skin on the outside/back of my lower right leg that is weirdly numb. It comes and goes a bit, but at it's worst I can feel pressure on the leg but not stroking or scratching on the skin. Feels like I've had a local anaesthetic.

Does it seem possible that this could be related to the dermoid? I would assume from what I've been told the cyst could shift and place pressure on a nerve and it's the correct side of the body.

Also,  I've lost quite a bit of weight this year (unconnectedly, I've been deliberately dieting/exercising and lost 50lbs) perhaps this change in my body could have shifted the cyst slightly - I'd never noticed the numbness before despite obviously having the cyst present for years.  

I have my pre-op booked so I will discuss it then, just wondered if it sounds familiar to anyone?
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Welcome to the community. It doesn't seem like a numb area in your lower leg would be caused by the cyst.

Hopefully, your surgeon will remove just your cysts (cystectomy) and preserve your ovaries and their LIFE LONG production of hormones that are essential to every aspect of health.  

If you do have endometriosis, I hope your surgeon is skilled in identifying and removing it. I know there aren't many endo specialists.
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No, but my mom had very painful periods (up until her first child), and had had a really large (~15 cm) cyst removed earlier (the removal did not improve her painful periods).
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