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Stomach Bloating

Period Bloating in the stomach. had several test completed all were negative and everything was okay. The bloating is now at a point where persons areasking if I am pregnant. what could I do...anyone.
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Exactly what tests were taken? If you are in discomfort and you look pregnant, I would insist on a transvaginal ultrasound and a CT scan if possible. Best of luck, Deandra
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hi, im 14 and i found out i have a 7.5 cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary. for about a week before i found out, people were concerned thinking i was sexually active and prgnant because of massive bloating of my stomach...i was also on my period. i had sharp pains in my left side for a week...painful enough for me to scream everytime. they saw i had two masses on a normal ultrasound and then a catscan. now i am waiting for my surgery date.

you should seriously consider going to have a catscan and ultrasound done, before it could become dangerous to your health. just thpugh i could help
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