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The uterus measures 7.9cm * 5.6cm* 5.4cm.... There is a 2.3cm * 1.9cm rounded solid mass at the posterior body of the uterus most likely a fibroid. At the fund us of the uterus there is a 8mm*8mm solid lesion present, most likely a small fibroid. Right ovary measures 4.7cm * 3.6 * 3.6cm there is a large 4.2 cm * 3.3cm septated complex cystic lesion in the right ovary. Left ovary measures 2.2cm * 1.3cm * 1.6cm. There is trace of free fluid in the pelvis.

1. Complex, septated cystic lesion in the right adnexa.
2. Two solid uterine masses are present most likely representing uterine fibroids.
3. No abnormal thickening or irregularity of the endometrial.

I get lower pelvis pain both sides back lower pain.. Missed my menstral for Oct. got it now but it's on and off never leaving it's going on 8 days I usually get it 5 days the most. I'm 44yrs young.. Very painful menstral. Headache for the longest not sure if has anything to do with all this. Thank you for any info anyone an give
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Fibroids are benign growths and don't require intervention if they are not causing symptoms. The most common symptom of fibroids is heavy bleeding which is treatable with hormonal or non-hormonal medications.

Most ovarian cysts are benign (including complex ones). The cyst may resolve on its own even though it is complex. However, if it is particularly concerning looking or gets too large (I think they say over 7 cm), then it probably needs to be surgically removed. Since removal of any part of the "reproductive" system (even one ovary) can have serious health consequences, it is best to have just the cyst removed (cystectomy). The ovaries of women with all their sex organs produce hormones into their 80's for good health and well-being.

The trace of free fluid in your pelvis may be an indication that the cyst is leaking.

What did your doctor say about the ultrasound results?
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Thank you for your answer.. and the cyst in the right ovary has been lingering around for yrs... and i have appt next Tuesday w/ obgyn i guess she'll let me know about my results..
   Thank you again Annie
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One more ? What about the septated part..
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Septations are a normal characteristic of complex cysts. According to this study http://www.medscape.com/medline/abstract/20554314 "Septated cystic ovarian tumors without solid areas or papillary projections have a low risk of malignancy and can be followed sonographically without surgery."

Since the cyst has been monitored for years, it must not look suspicious. It seems that too many women are rushed into surgery unnecessarily and needlessly lose organs as well.

I wish I had realized that my long-time gynecologist had ulterior motives when he rushed me into surgery for a complex ovarian cyst. Mine was large (9.5 cm) so it probably needed to be removed but only the cyst needed to come out.
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Obgyn send me to cancer specialist..
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Your ob/gyn is probably just being safe. Don't let that worry you. Many women are sent to oncologists and do not end up having cancer. Unfortunately though many do needlessly lose organs when all that should have been removed was the growth(s) (cyst, fibroid, polyp).

My gyn also sent me to an oncologist for a consultation but evidently it was just for "protocol" because he totally disregarded the oncologist's recommendation but there was suspect information in my medical records for both doctors.  
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