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Two complex cysts - surgery recommended need help

I am a 50 year old who started having left back pain two months ago.  After pelvic US discover 3.8 cm complex cyst.  Gyro recommended waiting and follow up ultrasound, so two months later repeat ultrasound showed an additional 2.5 cm complex cyst, original was measured at 3.1 cm.  Gyno Dr recommended surgery to remove left ovary and both cysts.  I still have left back pain, some pain when urinating, constipation, so stomach upset.  Part of me wants to continue waiting in pain to see if they resolve, but it's not fun having the not severe but constant ache in my left side.  Have a history of thyroid cancer, but have been cancer free for 4 years.  I am in perimenopause, periods are very irregular.  Went 3 months without a period, had a period, and now it's been two months with no period.  Have a surgical consult with gyn/ob at Kaiser Mr. Talbert in Sunnyside Oregon next Thursday.   I need advice and suggestions on what to ask Dr.   Part of me just wants to do the surgery and get it over with, but the other part thinks what if I wait and they go away?  With my history of cancer (I had a 10% chance that my thyroid tumor would have been cancerous and it was) I'm a little leary of just saying that since there is only a slight chance of complex cyst being cancer I shouldn't worry about that.  Maybe should have the cancer test?   Thanks all for any and all advice!
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Based on what I've learned since being over-treated and harmed for a benign ovarian cyst, I'd want to wait and see if they resolve especially since most do. And the original cyst has already shrunk some and both are still on the small side.

It's concerning that your doctor wants to remove one of your ovaries. Doctors with good cystectomy (cyst removal) skills should be able to remove the cysts and allow you to keep your ovaries. Many people aren't aware of the fact that the ovaries produce hormones a woman's whole life and are essential for good health. Removal of even one ovary (and/or the uterus) can permanently disrupt hormone production increasing risk for a number of health problems. These health risks can be found by doing a web search for something like "pubmed bilateral oophorectomy long term health." Even though these studies address the negative consequences of removal of both ovaries, loss of one ovary or any part of the "reproductive" system can be just as serious.

Hopefully, you can find something to help with the pain while you wait to see if these cysts go away! Best of luck to you and please keep us posted.
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