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Vitamin E

hi  i am 25 years old with 7-8 cm diameter on my left Ovary...thank i found this site...i was having a research because of my health situation...during my exploration over sites on the net i found this information that Vitamin E 600 is helpful to those who are suffering from the pain of Ovarian Cysts, like me..is it TRUE?..and how it does help?

and more thing they said if you for surgery,after the opeartion there is a big possibilities that the Cysts might come/grow again?

I am just curios,,thank for reading..;)
more power and God Bless us all!!
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  I hadn't heard of the Vitamin E600 helping but will definitely check that out.  I have done some reading that indicates iodine levels in your body can contribute.

The operation does not make you more susceptible to additional cysts, the fact that you've had one and are prone to them makes you more likely to have more.  The operation is not taking away the reason for the cysts, just treating the symptom so to say.  Depending on your age, etc, doctors can put you on birth control to help control future cysts.  I can't take that as I get awful migraines so am fervently hoping I don't get another on my remaining ovary in the future.

Please keep us posted on your surgery, etc.  
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hi there...I have been for OB yesterday..this was my 3rd visit.
she advised me to a tablet,,a kinda  oral contracepted, i am gonna take it for 3 mos. and will see if my cysts..will become smaller after 3 mos.
because she my left Ova was still intact, Thanks for God! for now she won't let me to go for surgery or removal of my left Ova,
after 3mos em going to see my OB..
So far i em still in pain,,but not too sharp at my back right side..
God bless us;)
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I hope that this helps to resolve your issues. Good luck!
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