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Weight gain??

In the last 6 months since I've had ovarian cysts, I have been putting on weight, with no actual change in my diet. This alone is very depressing, without all the pain and everything else that comes with this condition. My job requires me to be walking all day, around a 2000 metre furniture store, where I can easily rack up 7000 steps on my pedometer. Unfortunately, with all the pain etc, I can't physically get myself motivated to do any exercise outside of work, as working is taking all my strength at the moment. My concern is that once I get my ovaries removed, (within the next few months hopefully) and I go through instant menopause, I will gain even more weight. Has anyone got any advice, or stories of hope. I have heard that ovarian problems can cause weight gain, and that its almost a given with menopause, aaargh..
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Yay, finally some good news. Hopefully I will have the same results after my surgery.
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I put a lot of weight on with my cysts but within 4 weeks after surgery I'd lost it all.  With the advent of the surgery I also took advantage of it to change my eating habits and it allowed me to continue losing weight.
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I am naturally post-menopause and I'm finding it easier to lose weight just by not over-eating than I did when I had a large cyst.  Back then, NOTHING would allow weight loss.  The cyst was messing up my metabolism big time.  And it reduced my energy/motivation a lot, too.

You may be able to delay menopause with hormone patches. I've heard they work well for other women, but I have no personal experience to share.

Honestly, I think you will feel MUCH better when you no longer have cysts, even if it means losing ovaries.  That includes having more energy once you are past the fatigue caused by the surgery.  Your ovaries may not even be functioning correctly at this point if you are gaining weight even with all the walking you do at work.
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