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What are the normal size of Uterus, Endometrium, Right & Left Ovary?
Brief History - I'm 33 years old married woman and have 2 kids after my second baby I was diagnosed and detected by Hypothyroidism, and after that since last 10years regularly taking dose of Thyronorm (25 mg) & Eltroxin (100mg) –(dose may vary as per my T3/T4 & TSH level) As per my Endocrinologist, - Thyroid symptoms are – I feel fatigue, depressed, drossy, my skin became very dry, my hair became very thin and falling too much, I cannot able to tolerate cold, very less passion, very irritated, Feel like eating but cant eat properly, reducing weight.  

Last month my menstrual period not came even after 7 days passed to my regular date, so I bought pregnancy testing kit from the medical store and done my pregnancy test - it was positive. As me and my husband was not excepting more kids so I went to my gynecologist and she prescribed medicine to remove my pregnancy. My period came and even after 5 days still I was feeling abdominal pain, drossiness, lower back pain and little fever and than one day my abdomen was hurting, I noticed swelling on my belly-button – me & my husband worried and same day we went to see my gynecologist after diagnosed (physically & ultrasonic) she said that I have cyst on my ovary which is curable through medications and the swelling on my belly-button was due to other infection and it has nothing to do with ovary cyst. Doctor also said that my positive pregnancy test can be due to ovary cyst!!!

Here are the doctor’s findings as per the Physical Test & Ultrasonic Test –

Uterus – Measures 49 mm x 54 mm size.
Endometrium – 8 mm
Rt. Ovary – Measures 60 mm x 61 mm - Simple Ovarian Cyst
Lt Ovary – Mild free fluid in POD

And asked me to do 3 blood tests as mentioned below –

S. B12 Level
S. B. HCG titre

I went through the web references but too many confusing and differential information. Can someone help me to understand the meanings of term “Simple Ovarian Cyst” and “Mild free fluid in POD”?
What are the normal size of Uterus, Endometrium, Right Ovary and Left Ovary?
The tests doctor asked are the proper way to go?
Are there any other necessary test needs to be done in this regards?
To be safer side should I asked my doctor to do any other test?

Swelling on my belly-button has nothing to do with this? (For this Doctor prescribed me – Tablets ZIFI 200 mg, Tablet Dynapar and Pantop 40 mg. and Neosporin & Adsorb Powder to apply on swelled area.)

Thank you,
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