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What does focal ovarian calcification mean?

Hello. 2 days ago i went to the ER because of pain in my sides, stomach and back. Im also experiencing nausea, extreme fatigue, dizzyness and watery stools. I was told i have a 5.1mm cycst on my right ovary with some focal calcifications. I am so worried about cancer because my grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer. Can anyone tell me what it means to have calcification and is the fact that my cyst is so large mean that its cancer?

I should also note that 16 years ago i had a cyst on the same ovary and had to have it removed but all i can remember about it is that my side hurt, i had the surgery and no one made  a big deal about it. I have had 3 kids since then, 1 of them only 8 months ago so im assuming the cyst hasnt been there very long?
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5.1mm is a small cyst. From what I have read focal calcification is rarely cancer. It may be a "neoplasm" (abnormal tissue) but most neoplasms are benign / non-cancerous. Ovarian cancer is rare. Of course, you MAY be pre-disposed since your grandmother had ovarian cancer but genetic testing would need to be done to check for that. What did your doctor tell you about this cyst?
Thank you for your response. I have since been to my gyno and he wants me to remove the ovary. He says it looks like the cyst has been there for awhile which is why there is calcification. He also suggested removing my fallopian tube because there are new studies showing that ovarian cancer actually starts there. He says that he doesn't think its cancer but is going to treat it as if it is. I have preop this coming Wednesday, so scared!
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I was in a similar situation 13 years ago and wish I had done things very differently. My gyn also pushed for ovary removal saying my cyst may be cancerous. I wish I had done more research on the importance / lifelong functions of the ovaries (and uterus) and sought out a gynecologist who used "watchful waiting" or agreed to do a cystectomy (removal of just the cyst) if the cyst was benign based on the frozen section results (done while in the operating room). The importance of cystectomy versus oophorectomy (ovary removal) is discussed here - http://ovaryresearch.com/.

I also wish I had known that 90+% of female organ removal surgeries are unnecessary.

Your cyst is so small and it seems if it's been there awhile and hasn't grown at all or much, it wouldn't be cancerous. You may not even have the gene for OC. Was genetic testing discussed? Also important - if there is a chance it is malignant, an oncologist should be doing your surgery. (I'm assuming your gyn is not an oncologist?)  

Removal of one ovary is associated with an increased risk of dementia and parkinsonism per these studies - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17761551 and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17761549. It can also cause other problems due to impaired ovarian function or complete failure of the remaining ovary which could then cause all the same problems of ovary removal (castration). This is an excellent resource on the harms of ovary removal - http://www.overy.org/. The HERS Foundation may also be helpful.

Please do your research and don't be rushed into doing something you are not comfortable with and may very well do more harm than good. I hope this helps.
Thank you so much for all of the information. My gyno did not discuss genetic testing and  is not an oncologist.  I will definitely be mentioning all of this to him.
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Focal ovarian calcification is nonspecific, possibly dystrophic or dermoid.
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