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What is a dermoid tumor

I recently went to the Doctor for my breast, both of them are leaking and have been for 1 1/2 years. I had a mammogram done and while I was at this I went for a pap smear. My mammogram came back normal and my papsmear came back normal. During my papsmear the doctor made notes and sent me up an appointment for a sonogram. My sonogram revealed I have a baseball size tumor, my uterus is 14 weeks in size. The tumor is non-cancerous yeah.....but I also have a dermoid tumor that has hair and teeth, this just freaks me out. I go in a week for a consultation to see when to have all this removed. Exactly what is a dermoid tumor and how long have I had it ? What about my leaking breast ? Do the tumors/cyst cause this...What are my chances of having cancer ? My results came back and they say no cancerous cells but what about the dermoid tumor? Was this started out a fetus ? Where does the hair and teeth come from and how long does it take a dermoid tumor to grow that stuff ? I feel like I have a monster growing inside me. Please help.
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If I recall my facts correctly, then a dermoid cyst grows from cells that failed to form into an egg and thus failed to progress through the reproductive system like an egg in  a normal monthly cycle.  It was never a fetus.  Basically, a dermoid cyst is similar to a bit of skin growing 'inside-out.'  Yes, it can have hair, teeth, bone, oil glands, and sweat glands.  I have no idea how long it takes a dermoid cyst to form and grow.  Dermoids are very rarely cancerous, but if a dermoid cyst ruptures and spills the contents into the abdomen then pain, infection, and scarring can result.
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Thank you for your response just knowing this isn't a fetus really helps the mind.........
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Hi. I posted a question above because I was also diagnosed with a dermoid tumor last week.  My doctor said my tumor is completly solid.  Is yours too?  Or is yours fluid or a combination of both.  Reason I ask is that MickyVicky mentioned about the possibility of it spilling, which sounds like something that happens to a liquid cyst not a solid tumor, so I'm confused...
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Dermoids can contain both solid components and fluids.  Some are more solid, others more fluid-filled.  For example, on the internet I found an image of a dermoid whose contents were nearly all fluid, except for the hairs that could clearly be seen growing in it. I had an endometrioma removed last year.  My endometrioma also contained both solids and fluids, and until the surgery, my doctor was not absolutely certain what the mass on my ovary was - an endometrioma or a dermoid.
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Sorry to hear you have this too........I do not know if mine is solid or liquid I dont know too much about all this I myself just learned last week I had this.......I go Monday 7th and I will keep ya'll posted.......are your breast leaking I still have no answer as to why my breast are leaking...are you having surgery to remove it, I am just as soon as possible.......Later CM
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Micki, Where can I go see a picture of this tumor ? I do appreciate all of your knowledge you have given me and all the other women you have responded to..........GOD BLESS YOU MAY YOUR REWARDS FROM HEAVEN BE PLENTIFUL..............CM
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