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What to look for after surgery

Well I did not have cancer, however a cyst the size of a baseball on my right ovary.
I was wondering how to know if your bandage is too saturated? Also what pain is normal after the procedure?
I am in some serious pain, up into my right shoulder.
Is this normal?
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Hi there.  Did you have a laparotomy or a laparoscope?
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I had a laparoscope.
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Someone else will have to answer on the blood issue since I had a laparotomy but if you are bleeding I would think that's not normal.  The pain in your shoulder is from the gas left in your body from the surgery.  You need to walk, take Ovol or GasX, and perhaps try some peppermint tea.  It is often more uncomfortable than the surgery.  Take care, Trudie
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I had a laparoscopy but my cyst was very small .. While I was still in the hospital I had some bleeding.. I thought a stitch had popped. I had been coughing like crazy after anesthesia.. they kept me there till it stopped. But, after that I had no bleeding to speak of at all ! Certainly not as much as you indicate.

The pain, I'm sure must be from the gas. I was very fortunate with that as well as I didn't have any of those pains, but I understand they are brutal !! I was warned that it may happen and I've heard to walk,walk,walk as Trudie indicated..

I think if that bleeding continues, I'd call the Dr.

Let us know and take care,
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