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Why is omentectomy done during surgery to remove 4.5 cm benign dermoid ovarian cyst?

Hi, I am a 34 year old female. I had a 4.5 cm benign dermoid cyst removed during csection. Even though the gynaecologist assured me that it would be a cystectomy (unless it's complicated). He billed me for cystectomy or salpingectomy oophorectomy, omentectomy a week before the planned cSection date. I assumed it's the medical name of the surgery. The surgery was done after csection delivery of my baby and I was awake the whole time he performed the surgery. After surgery he said the cyst was enlarged and he removed my ovary and tube and that I can still have babies because of my other ovary, I am shocked, I look up the meaning of salpingo oophorectomy and the surgery he planned indeed was removal of tube and ovary. He didnot give any explanation as to why he did remove my ovary or why he did the omentectomy.  Has anyone had any similar experience? I have only had an ultrasound scan, which was normal.  I didnot have any pain due to cyst and has had it for 6 years, since my gp suggested 'wait and watch' since it didn't change size. No other tests were ordered by the gynaecologist and no history of cancer. Please help.
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He certainly should have warned you in advance that this was a possibility.  
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I'm sorry your gynecologist removed your ovary and tube instead of just the cyst. Surgeons with good cystectomy skills can usually remove the cyst and save the ovary or enough of it to preserve fertility as well as the ovary's health promoting endocrine function of lifelong hormone production (yes, even after menopause). Although some women have no problem conceiving with one ovary, others do.

It's not right that he did not explain all this to you. And I don't understand the need for omentectomy either since that is typically done for an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Granted, they don't always know the type of cyst prior to surgery but the frozen section done while one is in the operating room should dictate what should and should not be removed. And dermoid cysts are always benign.

Did your surgery take place at a teaching hospital? That can sometimes cause overtreatment because residents have to practice various procedures. In the U.S., Graduate Medical Education accreditation requires that each resident do at least 70 hysterectomies.  

Are you sure omentum was removed? It would be a good idea to get a copy of your operative (surgical) report.
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