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Will removing ovarian cysts cause infertility? Please help!!

In 2014 I was told I no longer had PCOS and was instead diagnosed with two dermoid cysts, one on each ovary.
Initially the cysts were 2cm each however, I have had a further scan earlier this year, only to find that the cyst
on the left had grown to 4.2cm whereas the one on the right had grown to 3.8cm. My gynecologist suggested
that I had a Laparoscopy performed as the cysts will simply grow. I'm having some pelvic pain when I stand or
walk for longer than an hour, the pain goes from my lower right front to the lower back (bowel movements also
cause the pains). I have tried to explain this to my gynecologist but she pursued to brush it off and suggest that it
was no cause for concern. I am worried that the pain is the result of the growing of the cysts, are the pains likely
to be from the ovarian cysts? I've also tried to ask her about the surgery, the outcomes and possible consequences but she did not explain to me much - saying only that its a small surgery and I would be able to return home and that further cysts are unlikely to grow again.  My questions about the surgery and its consequences remain unanswered. I would like to know what would be the chances of me entering into a premature menopause and whether or not my ovaries would have to be removed. I am only 20 and I'm very concerned that this surgery may stop me from having children in the future. Also, what would be the chances of the cysts growing back and how long would it take me to recover?

Please help! Im desperate and dont know whether to pursue with the operation or not.
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I'm sorry you are faced with this! Yes, the pain could be from the cysts. If these are truly dermoid cysts, they will not go away on their own like many other cysts do. But it is concerning that your questions have not been adequately addressed / answered. They are very valid.  

A surgeon with good cystectomy (cyst removal) skills should be able to remove these cysts leaving your ovaries intact (or at least enough ovarian tissue for them to regenerate). Unfortunately, far too many women lose an ovary or ovaries unnecessarily. Removal of even one ovary can impair fertility and even cause a surgical type menopause.

Our ovaries are actually essential our whole lives not just during our reproductive years. They continue trickling out hormones for decades after menopause and are vital for every aspect of health. The uterus also has life-long functions.

I personally would want more information about what is going to be removed (e.g. cysts versus ovaries) and I would want to know how many cystectomies this surgeon has done. Ditto about cyst recurrence. It's possible that a reproductive endocrinologist may be more helpful and more apt to do more of these surgeries.

Last but certainly not least, I would want to be sure the surgical consent form states "cystectomy" and not "oophorectomy" (ovary removal). If it is open ended leaving it up to the surgeon what is removed, I would personally revise it and have the surgeon sign off. If he/she balks then that is a red flag that he/she may not have the proper skills or desire to preserve your ovaries.

This website may be helpful - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm.

Best of luck and please keep us posted.
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Hi, thank you for your comment and help. I have booked another appointment with my GP so that she can hopefully refer me to a different gyne for a second opinion before operation. I have had several scans and they are sure that both cysts are dermoid cysts. Im unsure whether to have the operation as im very worried about fertility but i do realise that if i just leave the cysts they will grow and grow and id end up having to have open surgery instead of the keyhole surgery plus if they grow theyre more likely to negatively affect the ovaries as they may twist or rupture. I thank you most for the consent form advice as it is easy to forget such tjings but most importantly i would not want them removing any ovaries without my knowledge and consent. Thank you ever so much for commenting and i will keep you posted!
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