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You wont believe this

I cant even believe I am writting this! I am 11 weeks pregnant - been keeping it under my hat a little after last time. Anyway I started spotting last night and had some pain......the doc rang me at about 1 in the morning and refered me for a scan this morning at the EPU. I had the scan and bubs is fine - oblivious to the carnage or the fact I had sat up all night shivering and crying. Guess what they found ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh GUESS!!!!! An 8 cm simple cyst on my one remaining ovary. My husband just sighed in disbelief and I was just happy the baby was ok at that point. They have made me another appointment for 16 weeks but the nurse was talking about surgery - I balked. Surgery with my baby at 16 weeks you will have to catch me first. Can they not drain it if it becomes painfull as its simple. Might it resolve at 8 cms as its simple - its obviously hormone related. I cant believe it wasnt picked up at my 7 week scan I paid for PRIVATELY..........

I am scared to death my ladies know how precious this baby is to me - I felt so numb I just came home and put my nightie on!

Anna X
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Oh I wish there was a way to comfort you.  That is an awful position to be in.  Please get a 2nd opinion.  Your comment on draining it makes sense to me since it is a simple cyst.  Have you had problems with cysts before?  Is the cyst causing the spotting?  Stay positive and try to find a way to relax.  Please keep us posted on your progress.  We are here for you.

Much love,
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Hi Trudie,

Oh yes lol I am a veteran of the cyst world. I had a 20 cm complex removed with the ovary and fallopian tube 2 years ago. Have always lived in fear of having another one should have known it would wait to happen when I was pg. I think what worries me is loosing the other ovary and having surgical menopause. Amoungst other things. The timing makes me think it must be a cortus L as an independant cyst would be a bit of a coincidence. Espeically since I wouldnt have been ovulating. What gets me is I paid for a private scan 3 weeks ago and they didnt pick it up. I find it hard to imagine that it grew to 8 cms in 3 weeks lol. You can clearly see the cyst in one of the scan pictures too.

Anna XX
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* corpus tut my spelling is just fab!
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What is the risk (OK beyond the obvious fear we all have) of letting it be until you deliver?  I am beyond my childbearing - I have one sone (22) but had many ectopic pregnancies and they had to tie my tubes long ago.  I just had one ovary and tube (vertical cut) out with my grapefruit sized cyst even though we had planned on taking everything but too many adhesions from previous surgeries to risk that.  Now I will have to worry about another one which will result in a risky surgery.

Oh my dear, I really feel that all will be fine and you will have a healthy beautiful baby.

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Anna, I am so very sorry that you have this stress NOW.  If I were you, I would be on the horn with the doctor ASAP and find out if draining the cyst is an option, or if waiting till you deliver is an option.  Why do these things seem to happen at the worst possible time?  You know that we are here if you ever need us.  Let us know what the doctor says.  Love you!!  Kasie
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Oh Kassie I am so scared!

Trudie I am on watch and wait with no elaboration - you know what they are like yeah you have a cyst bye. I know I have to figure it out myself but my worries are recovery from a laparotomy while pregnant and loosing my ovary and going into menopause.....Dian would say I am borrowing trouble here and she is right I am thinking worse case. I could have a laproscopy but I am not sure whether they would do that cos of the adhesions...... I might go back in 5 weeks and its gone....... I just dont know I only know that its 8cms and simple :(

Anna X
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Oh Anna, just when I was beginning to think you had caught a break.  It is always something.  Nothing is going to happen this time Anna, I won't allow it. You just concentrate on you and the baby.  I am sure there are things they can do without hurting the baby.  Shoot they operate on infants while still in the womb so they should be able to figure this out.  Miss ya

Trudie: Anna Maria is one of our "old guard" on the cancer forum.  She is wildly popular, has a wicked wit and a razor tongue when needed. However, we are not going to allow her to get worked up again like that.  Anna, Trudy is a kind of new friend of mine.  She has an abundance of common sense, and she is loyal to her friends the same as you. You two should get to know each other.

Keep me posted please.  If I have to come over there and hold your hand for the next 5 months I will, if it will help keep you calm.

You know you are in my heart and in my prayers kiddo.
Love ya bunches,
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HEY!!!  Where are the comments about how wise I AM???  


OH, okay... They are in your other post on this forum. We should combine them. Not just because I am flattered that Tybear, Dian, and Butterflytc said I was right.... Well, okay...that's really it. But, go back and read them. You will see that WE ARE ALLLL RIGHT. So, start looking for a rockin' camera for all of those picture of the baby that you will be posting on your profile.

WE LOVE YOU, ANNA!!!  I have missed  your xxx's.
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Mary, Jan your posts made me cry - I really needed those words. Medhelp moved my post from the cancer forum into here even though I specifically said I know its a cyst question but my friends are in here I wanted to make sure they read it. So now I realise I am no longer welcome to post in that forum. I am being absolutely ridiculous but it really hurt :( damn these hormones......

Mary you are clearly the wisest woman in the world

Jan I am going to cut and paste what you wrote and have it printed on a T-shirt cos its the nicest thing anyone has ever said :))

Love you

Anna XX
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I don't know if you recall me, but I surely remember you and certainly remember why this baby is so important to you.  Pregnancy with ovca recurrence was the reason I found the medhelp ovca site in the first place.  You keep for spirits up the best you can girl, not just for you but that little one.  Yes, this whole thing coming up after all you've recently been thru just totally *****!  If your cyst isn't drainable, I thought you mentioned that and that they had mentioned surgery, I wanted to let you know that that type of surgery is not unheard of.  Although, it would be nice to think it was and that no one had to face these kind of situations.  However if surgery has to be done...I'd want to run too, but, many times surgery, even for cyst removal is done at the start and shortly into the second trimester when the baby's organs are formed and before the little one gets too big inside there...surgery later in the pregnancy is not as safe.  In my research I have found many stories of successes, so you keep remembering that!  I will keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't even come to that, but I wanted to let you know that it can be done if it needs to be.  Keeping you, your hubby and you're little one in my prayers always!  
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Lol Mary
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Anna, they moved Mary's post about her husband.  I guess someone hit the magic button on her to.  She was just trying to let us know what was going on. I think some people may be taking the "issue" (i won't  say what it is, WE ARE NOT stirring that pot) to far and completely out of context to boot. So..

Mary, I don't know what we would do without you!!!  You are what they used to call a "hoot".
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Is it possible to put OT by a post (saw that on another site) so a post does not get moved? by medhelp..or can anyone move a post anytime?  just curious...I know that the forums should be used for the topics listed, but with you ladies here being such a tight group I figured it would be alot of emailing to update everyone (such as Mary's post for her hubby) Too bad they don't have an ovarian social section for things like that..best wishes
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someone has an itchy finger over in the OVCA forum,  wish we had a good detective and could find out who, take care Anna, I know how much that baby means to you and will be following your progress like it was my own.   Marty
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To a Friend,

I don't know what OT means in this case.  If it has a "push pin" beside it than MH has tacked it to the top of the forum, but that is usually some kind of announcement and only stays a few days.  Nobody can move or remove a post except MH, and someone has to report it for them to do it.  As I said, I don't think they have time for all that nonsense.  I think they are kinda busy getting us more Drs for the forum and little things like that.  (You don't know me so...yes, that is sarcasm)   On most of the forums people find out what their problem is, get it fixed and go back to the real world.  These forums that deal with long illnesses and death are different and I wish there were a way to address that issue, but for now we will just have to remember our sandbox rules.  Play nice, get along, don't throw sand, and it ain't a liter box don't cr@p all over it.  Okay that last one wasn't actually a kids rule, but maybe it is a good adult rule. LOL
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I'm sorry I didn't explain OT...meaning "off topic" They use it on another ovca site so for persons who don't want to search thru posts that don't related to ovca...they don't have to they can just skip it.  When I see the report this, I just assumed medhelp would look at the post before removing, but yes I'm sure that they don't have the time for that.(sadly some of the expert forms are unable to get much attention at all) I used to come on here posting here and there when my friend was dxd...still close to my heart and I do use med help often for other things so I still look in on here and say my own prayers for all.  You were here when I came on and so yes I remember you and always enjoyed your sense of humor, sarcasm and witt. LOL Best wishes to you!
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   I have to agree. You and the baby are going to come out of this just fine! It is time that you got a break and good things started happening for you.
Just so you know, this baby has got one of the biggest and best cheering sections any baby could ever have. (not to mention the world record for the most "aunts" ever)
  I know how scared you are but we will all be praying for both of you and hopefully the cyst will just go away on its own.
Hang in there Hon and keep the faith.
       Love Chris
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OK... Pollyanna chiming in here....   Oh, and Hi Anna, you sweetie!  And, to all of those who enjoy some spontaneous fun in this crazy world of ours.... well... long live this thread. But, I, too, was a bit dumbfounded as to why someone had to move Anna's post from the OVCA.... and, in fact, you did cover your basis since I think it was posted here too.... Two posts: One on each forum. That is not too much to ask is it?

And, I was dumbfounded that my post on Kidney Stones was moved (I think I more or less apologized that I was even  posting that stuff since it was off topic) but, geeezzzzzz..... YES.... These are COMMUNITIES.

COMMUNITY.  4aFriend said it........ we are a close group. But, it seems to me that the ones who are the most open regarding the closeness DO play by the sandbox rules. And, Gosh, Jan, I laughed when I read that it is not a "liter" box. Tooo funny.

Anna.... We both will post where we want. We are here for you and we will find you no matter. But, don't worry, guys, I won't be visiting the Kidney Stone Forum again. At least if I do, it won't be intentional :)

Love, Mary
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Hi Anna, I'm just now reading this and the responses.  You all are too funny, correct, loving and friends.  Anna, I wish you all the best.  This baby will be alright if we all have something to say about it!  It's been a while since we've talked but I'm happy to see you posting here again.  I'm sending a big hug to you...across the pond.

Love, L
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HA HA HA guys guys how this thread has cheered me up...... I am gathering all sorts has been going on in my absense - see I always miss the fun don't I! I would love to know Mary how you can possibly visit the kidney stones forum unintentionally - I cant type cos im shaking laughing ha ha ha ha ........

Everyone going around pressing buttons LOL and complaining about posts? When you think about it its actually frigging hilarious isnt it LOL. I can imagine this "itchy" gnarled vainy finger poised over the 'report this' button..........Oh god I wish you could see me I have tears of laughter STREAMING down my face Darrell thinks I have lost it. Oh god please my sides really hurt now. Never stop you are the funniest .......

4afriend - you are just lovely - thank you so much for directing me to that post. sometimes its just overwhelming to be part of  group of such courageous and gutsy women - its humbling....

But I cant spell :(

Oh thank you tonight is the first time I have laughed for a week lol

Love you

Anna X

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Oh Anna, I am so happy that baby is fine, and so happy for you to be pregnant with a little one. I wish I had read this when you first posted it despite all of the run around to find it. I agree with you 100%, with the catch me if you can, I have heard about surgery when pregnant, but cant imagine myself agreeing to. You have absolutely made my day. Thank you
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