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back from surg.

     I have been really tired since I got home. I was in the hospital for 3 nights and 3 and a 1/2 days. They took out a cyst the size of a lemon  and also lots of scar tissue. The scar tissue was thick and wrapped around and through my lg. and sm. intestines the Dr said I may have problems with this later on. Everything came back benign .... yeah. I am feeling better. I only have pain where they did the actual surg. and a bit where my incision is.
     When the Dr did my surg in dec my uterus had grown into my abdominal wall. So during that surg. they had to kind of had to shell out my uterus.... and then fix my abdominal wall. that is why they decided to open me up this surg again. they were afraid they would hit something if they did laproscopic and if they had to shell out my overay they could not do it laproscopic.
     I go the dr later today and hopefully the will take out these staples (they are very uncomfortable) and give me a antibiotic for this infection.
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So glad all went well and hope that infection gets under control fast.  Another success!  Thanks for the update!  I am so hoping I am as lucky.
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I left you a message before I read this post,didn't know that you had so much done.
Good thing you have the appt. today with the infection, they can give you some antibiotics for it. Hope 4 your sake they can take out the staples, they do sound uncomfortable. Let me know how it went as soon as your up to it.
Hi, how are u feeling today, still having a lot of pain?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed the days fly by until you can get to that darn specialist!!
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In about 4 or 5 months  you might want to check into body rolling, this helps prevent adhesions from forming,  you do want to be totaly healed before you do this however.  we hope to have a "body rolling" health page real soon, Leslee does this about 1 time a week now and so far so good on her scans for the adhesions.  Marty
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Boy, you poor little thing.. That is rough going but glad everything turned out o.k. Please take it easy and let us know how you're progressing.

Take care,
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Hi!  Thanks for thinking of me.  I'm still in a lot of pain and under a lot of stress at work.  I'm going on a business trip tomorrow and very nervous.  Nothing I can do...
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Glad to hear it went okay.  Hope the infection stays under control.  Get some rest, Lord knows you need it.  Good luck on the staple removal.

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So happy for you...the newest member of the 95% club. Best wishes for quick healing.
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Happy that all went well...REST  !!!!! You need to give your body a  chance to recoup so take it easy and rest and relax...Gia :)
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michelle here tell me what happends if they detect a cyst on my ovaries causeive got pain during mid cycle and its not going away do drs leave it or do something about it what happends next month if it happens again
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    Right at the top of this page, there is a section called "Health Pages". It has all sorts of information on different cysts.. Really good page.
    Sometimes cysts in younger women simply dissolve on their own. The pain you are experiencing is no doubt ovulation pain. I remember from your earlier post though that it is severe? That is a little unusual at least from my experience.
     Also, it may take a few "cycles" for the cyst to resolve itself. What does your Dr. say about it? But, do also check out the "Health Pages"

Take care,

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I was just reading this and thought, Hey....she needs information on Body Rolling.

There is no good excuse other than the fact that I have just not gotten to posting this on the Health page.... I will...I promise, but for now, I will copy a message I just sent to someone who left me a private message.

Try to print it and talk to your doctor about this so you have an idea as to when you could start it. It worked AMAZINGLY well for me......

I will be back in a second.....Have to find the info.....

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(I copied most of the body of this letter from a recent post from me to another poster, thus all the "sincerely, Mary's :))

I wanted to hurry and get this to you since you might want to show it to the doctor. He or She might have you wait a period of time. WHen I did this it was over a year out from my surgery....actually more than that. But check and see. My doctor had never heard of this and I had a top doc. They thought there was nothing they could do for me.

Talk to you later.....Mary

Here is my information on Body Rolling.

This is an aggressive type of massage (that totally saved my life...I could not even walk...things had gotten that bad) and I would check to make sure it is okay for you to do it. I told my doctor about this and he took notes (this was the doctor who told me there was nothing they could do for me. The doctor who did the Colonoscopy recommended I get a Colonoscopy every six months to keep the adhesions from closing my colon, which was happening and was discovered during a colonoscopy. AH, WELL....I would rather lay on a little ball for twenty minutes a few times a year than go in for another test such as that (which, I will add, without Surgical Adhesions is no big deal once you get past the prep :))

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Mary

Here is my information on Adhesions, which in my case were horrible...for about 2 years I suffered and they started after my radical hysterectomy (started about 3 months after) and were discovered during a colonoscopy, which made that procedure very uncomfortable...otherwise it would not have been too bad.

I put updated info at the bottom just verifying that this really did work (for me at least!)....hoping this helps.

The woman who taught me how to do this is an Exercise Instructor. She said that one reason she wanted to learn this was so that she could teach elderly people how to do it since some of our insides "glue together" as we age and that this releases much of the gluing because of all the blood, thus oxygen, it brings to the area.

In my case, I had a total hysterectomy in 2000 and suffered from surgical adhesions for about a year. The pain from the adhesions started about three months post-op. This technique seems to break up the adhesions and it worked for me.  I figured that if it worked for adhesions that formed naturally in our body, it should work for surgical adhesions. It did!

It is truly amazing. I noticed a HUGE difference immediately. When I sat up after the fist time I did this (about a 15 min. session) I could feel a "FLOOD" or a Rush of blood or something! going to that area. After having pain about 40 times an HOUR for over a year and a half after my surgery, my pain decreased to only about 10 times a DAY for a few seconds at a time. I did this procedure again about a week after the first one and that gave me even more relief. I think it was about four months til I had to do it again. Now I do it about once a year, if that. I have been virtually pain free, ,aside from a dull ache now and then, from adhesions since learning this technique.

The idea is you want to get the blood to the bone, not just the muscle....so it floods the tendons and gets lots of oxygen there to start healing and breaking up the adhesions.

**My instructor told me to think of a steak and how the tendon is sort of splotchy with blood where it is attached to the bone...well, you want to get the blood totally to the bone so as to really break things up. Regular massage is not "deep" enough.

The ball I used measures 16 inches. Again, though, I did not get the ball thru the website Bodylogic (it is a *******) but you can go there and check it out if you want. The website is all about body rolling and about the woman (her name is Yumana and I think she is from Russia) who developed the technique. Anyway, I got just an ordinary ball in a toy section at Target and it looked similar to the one the instructor had used. The ball I have has a picture of Blues Clues on it! Hey, it works. It probably is bigger than the ones they recommend, but, if you think about it, it is squishy to the point where once all my weight is on it, it probably shrinks down to about ten inches. And, I just put my "front" onto the ball for the pelvic pain and not my back.

Here is how I did it...leaning my body wt. into it, literally placing the ball underneath me and "rolling" on it...slowly.

I would lay on the pubic bone and then take about four minutes or so to SLOWLY (while remembering to take deep breaths now and then) work my way out to the right side where the ovary once was on that side. After you get there, go back slowly to the pubic bone...breathe deeply. When you get to the pubic bone again, then go to the other side, following a path, if you will, of where you imagine the falopian tube once was. So, you are rolling in something like a "V" formation. After you get to the left side where the ovary once was, then go back to the pubic bone...and, you are done. But, take about 15 minutes to do the whole procedure.

**********************Udated information....August 2007***********************

At first I did this technique twice in two weeks. Then I had to do it about once every two months or so...then about once a year. When my doctor did the laparscopy on me in June,07 (hoping to find adhesions so we could figure out why I have been having pain, which they now think is from a ruptured disk) he was shocked at how "clean" my insides were. He said he actually consulted another doctor about it. He said that you always see evidence of any type of abdominal surgery no matter how invasive the surgery. And, since I had such a huge surgery back in 2000, he expected to see some type of adhesion debries...but did not see anything. A great testimonial to Body rolling!

I always suggest checking with the doctor. I am not a doctor, just a person miserable from the pain of

It does hurt a little while you are doing it, that is for sure, since you are initially pressing on the pubic bone with all the weight you can manage to put on the ball. And then you roll slowly to where the ovaries once were and yes, it is not the most pleasant feeling, but it is a "good hurt" if you know what I mean.

A friend has talked about using a Squishy (NOT the hard kind) Medicine ball.  
Take care and good luck!
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