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borderline cyst

I was told 4 weeks ago that I had a very large ovarian cyst and it would have to come out.  I am 25 years old and I was worried about the possibility of cancer.  breast and ovarian cancer run in my family.  my left ovary and tube along with a very large complex cyst were removed.  I am currently recovering at home.  My doctor said that it was borderline cancer and I will have to be checked every 3-6 months with ca125 tests and i should consider checking for the breast cancer gene.  I am only 25 and i have a whole lifetime that I want to be around for.  How worried should I be?  If I let that cyst go would I have eventually developed cancer? what exactly is borderline, it could have been cancer?  any information would be helpful so that I dont have to live the rest  of my life in fear of dying at a young age.  thank you.
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I too am having an ovary removed next week due to a large complex cyst. I am 35. I am worried about cancer, and an oncologist will be present. If you do not mind sharing with me the size and complexity of the cyst? And how is recovery ?
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By the time I checked this you may already have gone into surgery.  I am working on my 4th week of recovery.  My cyst was borderline cancerous.  My ovary and tube were removed by laparoscopy.  I knew from the pain in my left side when I awoke after surgery that my ovary was taken out.  I was very sad, but I considered myself lucky that it was caught early enough to spare my other ovary.  I do not have to go through chemo or radiation.  I will go to the doctor every 3 months to get a blood test and checkup.  It was a very scary situation for me.  THe first week I could hardly move, I stayed in bed.  THe only time I got up was to go to the bathroom and wash my face if I was lucky.  THe second week was better I took a shower but I was still in my house watching TV in bed.  THe third week I went out of my house I tried to walk around Target just to be around people again.  I still could not stand or walk for too long but I could easily move about my house and shower.  THe fourth week I am back to work.  I still cant walk a far distance but daily  activities are much easier and showers too.  If you are getting a laparotomy it is a longer healing time.  even now I get tired and I cant exercise, I am still a little swollen but I feel good.  IF you want more information e-mail.  I really wanted someone to talk to who had been through the same thing. I would be very happy to share experiences with you.

if you e-mail I will give you my # to talk.
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I'm 44 yrs old and had a cyst removed sucessfully on my left ovary 9 yrs ago with no problems.  Last January when my dr. went in to remove an cyst on my right ovary (recovery time approx 6 weeks), she wound up taking the ovary as well because the cyst was entwined in it.  Since then, I have had pain on that same right side along with what I thought was food poisoning symptons.  They now think its my gall bladder and I will be having a sonogram next week to check it out.  Now I'm experiencing what feels like muscle spasms in my abdomen.  Its seems like every week I feel something else new and weird in my abdomen.  Just wish somebody can make a correct diagnosis and get well already.
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since having my ovary removed my periods are lighter and i have more cramping even in the side that my ovary was removed, does anyone else have this?  now i have become a hypochondriac about my other ovary, I worry about if something were to happen on that side it would mean no children and early menopause.
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Hi there, I had a cyst removed few months ago through normal surgery and it turned to be borderline cyst. Since that i had to go through laparoscopy to see if there was some rest of the cyst tissue still on my ovary. Thanksfully they didn't remove the ovary so i still have both but since that explorative laparoscopy I have been having insomia and hot flushes. I'm 36 years  and my periods were always quite normal. Now I'm afraid those hot flushes could be menopausal symtoms! Never had them before the laparoscopy so I'm really worry now.
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