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can cysts affect getting pregnant?


I just recently had a gallbladder attack (my 2nd one in two years), but the reason I'm writing on here is because when they did a cat scan they said it looks like I recently had 2 cysts on my ovaries that had ruptured I didn't know I even had them. I also just had a miscarriage back in September. But, they did a pap at my first OB appt and they never called me to tell me anything was going on (I don't know if they could have been able to tell anyway). I just don't know anything about ovarian cysts, I need to do some research on it. My main concern is that we are trying to get pregnant again and I don't want them to affect anything. I don't know what happens when they rupture, or is there any symptoms where you can tell if you have one? I'd like any info please. Thanks!
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Symptoms are not always present and they don't necessarily affect your fertility, honey. It all depends on the severity of the case and whether you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which it doesn't seem you have. If they ruptured on their own, that's normal and it's good. They must have been simple fluid filled cysts. Women get them quite often and they rupture with your cycles.  Don't worry too much about it. Most are benign even if they get bigger and require surgery.  You can talk to your doctor and ask for an ultrasound in a few weeks to see if you have grown more cysts that didn't rupture. You should be okay though, especially if you already know that yours ruptured on their own. Good luck!
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Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if having them would affect my fertility or not, that puts my mind at ease since I've already had some trouble. I'll check in with my doctor and let her know about it. (I was at the ER getting treated for my gallbladder issue when they found this on the CT scan).
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Certain types of cysts can affect fertility.  They can actually stop you from menstruating.  Do check with your doctor.
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