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can ovarian cyst cause you to feel sluggish, and the odd bit of nausea???

Hi Me again
Has any one with an ovarian cyst (mine is supposedly inside the ovary not on)every felt the odd carmping and the odd nauseau or just general malaise, that comes and goes, I feel like I'm carrying a brick around in my stomach.  I was diagnosed with a uteris the size of a 10 wk preg, due to andometriosis, and a 5 cm cyst in the ovary no free fluid anywhere, but I was having the odd symptoms which would go after my period and I'd have a couple of weeks where i felt nothing, now I feel generally full, crampy, tired, not much appetite.  Mikki did you start feeling like this before you got yous out?  i finally have an appt. with the gyno next weds. When I let my stomach out it's actually lopsided 1 side sticks out further then the other,  anyone ever exprience this,(its almost comical).  also I'm tender around the belly button so I'm wondering could this by the cyst causing this or the uteris.  I'd liek to know if anyone else went throug this before surgery and turned out ok in the end or ended up finding more then what the utlra sound found??/  I keep thinking I've never had a bad period, never had any problems what so ever before now. Ironically i thought I'd just got through life O' naturuel!!  no birth control no tubals just sail into menopause and back out again without a hyst (like my mom did).  Boy Was i wrong!! I sould have been on the pill and should have got my tubes tied. I also have stiff muscles but that could be from stress, i've been pretty bummed lately not knowing what to expect or if my symptoms are common of cyst or not?HELP
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thanks for sharing,  I had those same bladder problems 2 months ago i got real bad around period time, but i have mostly just bloating or what feels likea full stomach, sluggish not much appetite, alitte nausea, nothing 1 gravol and little r&r won't help.  What kind of cysts did you have and howlong did you have to wait for surgery. How big did they get before they took them out??/  Sorry for asking just wondering how uncomfortable it will all get before it's completely gone??/
thanks agian hope your recovery goes well I'll keep you posted.
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I feel all you feel.  I have a lopsided tummy which I can mould, especially in the bath!  I feel sluggish and have particularly low blood pressure and am anemic (BP 85/60).  I have actually been to chinese doctor today to try and remedy everything naturally, but the reality is I also went for pre-op assessment today, and there ain't no way out of this op for me.  It might be a good idea to get your hemaglobin measured, as if you are below 12, this will make you feel sluggish, and if you're not storing or circulating as much iron, either because you're not consuming it or because you are losing more than a normal amount of blood monthly, this will make you anemic, sluggish and in turn maybe make you feel nauseous.
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Thank you for posting this! I recently found out I have a 6 cm cyst, also inside my ovary.  I've felt very odd lately and was unsure if it could be from the cyst.  I'm extremely exhausted, slightly nauseous all day long, and bloated.  If I lay on my stomach for a while my abdomen begins to hurt on the side that I have the cyst. I haven't discussed any of these symptoms with my doctor, but have a follow up appt to see if the cyst has shrunk in about 3 weeks.
It's nice to know that it may just be the cyst causing this discomfort rather than some other medical issue.
Thank you for sharing!
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I just found out I have a 13 cm x 15 cm cyst. The first doctor I went to thought I had a pulled muscle, then when it got HUGE, I went to a different doctor and she was convinced I was 6 months pregnant...that is what it looks like.
The ultrasound revealed an enormous cyst within the ovary. I was referred to an obgyn who referred me straight to an oncologist. That appointment isn't until next week and the cyst just keeps growing and growing. I know it will be major surgery to get it out and I don't know why I keep getting referral after referral. I'm sure once the final doctor does decide on surgery, it will be another month before I can get a date for it and it's soooo frustrating to just watch this thing grow and grow.

I have also found myself extremely slow, sluggish and low energy. I used to work out 4 times a week and now I have to drag myself for a light workout at least once a week. I don't know if this has to do with the cyst directly, I think it may be just the mental exhaustion that this whole process causes.

On top of everything, my doctor got my blood results back and my thyroid levels are high now too. Who knows what that could mean!

Has anyone had a cyst this size and had it removed? I just want to see how long it took for surgery to be scheduled, how long the hospital stay was and just what it was like.
Thanks so much for any input!
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I know it seems as if you're getting "referral after referral" but the thing is that you are being referred to the proper doctors to handle your cyst.  Please try not to get too worked up until you see the GYN/ONC next week.  Everyone has a different situation and I'm sure that you will be facing surgery soon due to the size of the cyst.

As you said, mentally you're stressed and that in itself could be causing your fatigue.  I know it's difficult but try to focus on something else and get plenty of rest. Come back after your appointment next week to let everyone know the outcome.

Take care.

To you and Sjenisem: You have posted on a very old post, from 2005.  It would be to your benefit to start your own post next time.  You want to be sure people respond to you.  Thanks.
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I feel what your going through. A little over a month ago I felt so normal, I ate right, I worked out alot, I was very active. Well one day I woke up to extreme abdominal pain a fever and feeling so sick to my stomach, doctors office was closed and I felt sooooo sick. So I went to the ER and they did a urine test...THATS ALL! and they said oh you just have a viral infection...go home and bed rest for a couple days until your better. So a couple days pass and most the pain has subsided however I still had pain when I urinated on the left side of my pelvic area. So I went back to the doctor and she said I could be having kidney stones so she sent me to get a cat scan. cat scan showed a rather large cyst on my left ovary. Doctor sent me then to get an ultra sound to further investigate. However I went to the er that night because of so much pain again. They looked at my ultra sound and told me I had a bunch of cysts on both my ovaries. and that I was okay though and referred me to an OBGYN who will probably put me on birth control to keep them down and calm. HOWEVER what irritates the hell out of me is then the doctor called me the next day and said that the cyst was actually on my right side?!?! HOW AM I GETTING TWO DIFFERENT ANSWERS?!? And now I just feel pain on both sides. This is stressing me out to the max. Anyone else feel kind of down and depressed like you will never be back to the old you again? I just want the old me back. And it ***** because I am only 18 and to be given these so young, it just *****! Especially if im put on Birth control, isn't birth control very risky? All the side effects which can come bite me in the butt later? Also, I want to be able to have kids when I get older, is this possible? I am Sooo stressed out, and everyone tells me just calm down your fine...and I just can't seem to calm down. Are these cysts supposed to be making me as moody as I have been!? Im normally such a happy free person. But recently, Just upset, their will be times I just cry to my boyfriend wishing this would all just go away! And then he will calm me down and ill just stop thinking about it for awhile, until I get up and want to do something and I feel the pain, and regret doing it. When I go on BC will everything feel better again!?! And how soon! please someone give me answers!
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ive been to see my gyne and he can feel something which he suspects is an ovarian cyst. he has booked me in for a scan and a laparoscopy. im just wondering if anybody no if he can fell it does this mean it is big
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I have a dermoid cyst above my right ovary, and am bloated and extremely exhausted, and not much appetite and have had nausea too!  So I know what you all feel, and am hoping to get it removed soon! Deb_Buch
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In June I went to my doctor because I was having severe bleeding. I had an ultrasound done and discovered as an "incidental finding" that I had 2 large cysts on my left ovary. I went back approx 6 wks later and found that one cyst on my left ovary was gone :)  and another one had become complex and also found a complex cyst on my right ovary where before there was none. I have gained about 15 pounds and I feel terribly bloated. I get these shooting pains every once in a while in my groin and I am so so tired. I have a consultation appt for a hysterectomy on the 25th. Any advice?
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I feel all that you feel, my main reason for checking this out, was to find if an ovarian cyst could make me tired. And from all your comments and posts, I would say 'YES'. I can sleep for 8 hours at night and sleep around 5 hours through out the day. I would like some answers as to why I am so tired from a cyst.
Keep the info coming ladies, I really appreciate it, I find most of my answers through posts such as this.
Take care
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im 16 and ijust had unprotected sex 4days ago && im scared , my stomach feels like its heavy like its full , and cramping .. i really just need anybody that can help me please !!! :/
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Ive felt exactly the same ,exhausted ,and feeling odd almost toxic ,nauseas and full with throbbing oain near ovaries ,im having ovaries removes which have a mass of 5 cysts on one ovarie and 2 4cm ones on the other ,ive felt really unwell .
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