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chronic lower abdominal pain

Hello.I am 25. I am writing you today because today I had one of the worst episodes like this Ive ever had.The pain came out of no where. It started with what felt like menstral cramps then turned into sharp shooting pain shooting down towards my vagina. It hurt just to move as I lay down. When I tried to get back up I couldnt. With every step I attempted I was awarded with sharp pain. I have been experiencing this for 3 yrs now and I have seen doctors about it. I also went to the ER one day during one of the episodes.They told me it had something to do with my cyst. When I followed up with my gyno he gave me only one option which was to take birth control to regulate my cyst. He told me the cysts are natural and they are just getting big then bursting and thats why I was in pain. I tried and it just made me sick so I stopped taking it. I am tired of being in pain and Im relieved to see unfortunately there was anotjer person experiencing the same wi symptoms. I see that ppl stated it could be IC. I tried to message them but it stated there not takin them.I hope you will take time on responding. This really disables me and I have other medical issues with my back and hands. I feel like Im always in pain. Anything to help I would appreciate.Thanks.
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Well for starters, I think a dr should be doing an ultrasound, and finding out how big the cyst(or cysts) may be. Anything 5cm and over, most doctors are looking to do surgery to remove them. They also should be doing it so they can find out whether or not it is a simple cyst, or a complex, dermoid, etc.

Cysts are common. Every woman gets the really from what my OBGYN had explained. They are usually simple functioning cysts, that have to do with ovulation. However, those usually get to 3cm at most and do go away on their own when a woman has a period.

As for the birth control, it can make you nauseous when you first start one. All doctors have told me that it can take 3 months for your body to adjust. However, if it continues, it might just be that the hormone dosages are wrong for you.

I had to have surgery for a 5cm fluid cyst that took over my right ovary and caused the wall to collapse, I had to have my ovary and tube removed. My left ovary i have simple functioning cysts, that have also gotten up to 5cm previously( have not had an U/S done since Nov last year for surgery in Feb).. but the left ovary was responding to the birth control. For me, I have to be on the birth control 3 months at a time, then let myself have a period, start over etc, and that seems to dissolve the cysts.

I would not leave this alone and if you're not feeling like you are getting the help you're wanting from your doctor dont hesitate to get a second opinion.

In the mean time, when the pains start, try taking some ibuprofen and use a heating pad on your lower stomach to ease some of the pain hopefully.
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if you having issues with your back (spine) and hand yo may have issues with your neck. Our entire nervous systems control everything. I too have issues with my back and i cant hold it because i have nerve damage. NERVE DMG CAN CAUSE YOU TO HAVE MANY SYMPTONS. IF YOUR INSURANCE ALLOWS YOU TO. GO FIND A ORTHO DR AND A NERO DR. SORRY YOU IN THAT MUCH PAIN. MABE ITS A HERNIA. THAT WOULD BE BETTER THEN NERVE DMG KMP CINDY
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