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complex mixed cystic & solid right adnexal / ovarian mass - 7cm

I just received my radiology report back & it states the following:

Procedure: Multiple sagittal & transverse, transabdominal & transvaginal images were obtained.

Findings: Complex mixed cystic & solid right adnexal/ovarian mass. No free fluid identified. Entire region of right ovary very enlarged measuring 7 X 3.2 cm. left ovary measures 2 X 2.5 X 3.9 cm. abnormal thickening of endometrium measuring 15mm. Ovarian neoplastic process is not excluded given the appearance of the right ovary and adnexal region.

Uterus measures 8.8 X 5.5 X 4.5cm. Endometrial stripe measures 1.5cm.

My symptoms are bloating, irregular / prolonged menstral cycles, spotting, heavy bleeding & clotting, constipation, lower abdomenal pain (sometimes to the point it bends me over), pain during intercourse, infertility

My question is: What does all of this mean?
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Thank you very much.  I am scheduled to see my gyn next week.  I am going to push for her to send me to a gyn oc.
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The ultrasound report suggests that there is endometrial hyperplasia which can be secondary to the ovarian mass which has been noted on the right ovary. This may be responsible for excessive bleeding during menses and pain in abdomen. Clinical correlation is necessary. Consult your gynaecologist.
Hope this helps.
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