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I have recently went to my doctor to find out that I don't ovulate my doctor put me on Provera . It was been working fine until this last month (November) I took it like I should and did not start my period. I was worried so I sent up a appointment with my doctor (gyno). The doctor sent me to have a ultrasound  the next day. The first ultrasound they did the doctor couldn't find my left ovary. That worried the doctor so they then preformed a vaginal ultrasound. After the ultrasound where preform I went back to see my doctor in which he told me I had a large cyst on one of my ovaries. The doctor prescribed Provera to try and shrink the cyst. I have already been taking Provera will it really shrink My cysts? I go back later next week to see if it shrank any. I'm so scared. The doctor said if it didn't shrink he was going to have to do something I don't exactly remember what he said. If anyone has gone threw this please email me and let me know what happens if it doesn't shrink. Thanks for taking time to read  my problem. Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
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HI there,
First off take a nice deep breath. 95% of cysts are benign and absolutley nothing to worry about. Many cysts resolve themselves within a couple cycles without any intervention at all. Then there are those stubborn little buggers that just wont go away.
We have all been there. There are many things that determine when action needs to be taken to remove a cyst. Alot depends on the size, shape, if the cyst is changing, if it is giving you alot of pain etc... I know it is scary to hear you have something growing on your ovary, but honestly it is more common than most know.
Take care and keep us posted. It will be ok
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I am sorry but your post is a little confusing and there is no information in your profile, such as age, etc. so it is a little hard to answer.  If you were already on Provera, why would your doctor put you on it? Didn't he know that you are already taking it? and yes, Provera is one thing the doctors do to shrink a cyst.  When is your next appt? and follow-up ultrasound? Try not to worry too much, wait for the next ultrasound to see if it has shrunk or not. Cysts are very common, especially in women still ovulating. Good luck!
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Hi there. First of all....everything will be ok.  I am the QUEEN of worries....believe me, it's a waste of time.  :)   I had something very similar recently.  I found out that I wasn't ovulating and they did an ultra sound.  They couldn't find my left ovary, but they did find a large ovarian tumor.  It was large enough to have surgery.  They did a laprascopic surgery to remove the tumor (14cm) and also removed my left ovary and tube.  They said I wouldn't have any problems having another child on one ovary.  Anyway, problem solved...very easy process....everything back to normal 3 weeks later AND I ovulated for the first time in FOREVER.  Very little pain, it was all benign.  Hang in there, you are welcome to contact me w/ any other questions.  :)
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The worst that can happen is that you'll need surgery, but don't worry.  It's a very common procedure and most are nothing to worry about.  I went through it too.  We make things worse in our heads by worrying about it.  Try  not to.  I agree with what everybody else said so there's nothing else I can add!
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