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heartburn diarrea ovarian cyst

I went into the E.R. last week, after being n pain for about a week. I have no insurance so Dr. visits dont happen for me unless comeplete emergency. So anyway, i wnet due to lower back and abdomen pain both on the right side. During all of this pain i have had and still have severe heartburn. The only time i have ever had heartburn was when i was pregnant with my youngest child. Which was 3 yrs ago. At that time i also had my tubes tied and last march i have the novasure procedure done. Now that i went off course giving u a slight history I'll go back to the er visit. the xray they said showed look like something was wrong with my intestines, so they did a catscan. After that they asked if i had any organ removed because they can not find my appendix. I said no i still have everything. The dr comes in and says theres a huge absest blocking your appendix we are gonna have to do surgery. Then he comes back in and says oh you just have the stomache flue go home, come back if you are still in pain. I  came back in 2 days later same er dr. he said they had someone else review my ct and it showed i had a rather large ovarian cyst rupture and thats why they couldnt see my appendix. i also still had several other cyst another of them being quite large. he gave me pain meds and sent me out the door. i have had severalovarian cyst throughout my adulthood, and yes when they rupture the pain is severe but never lasts for more than a few hrs. i have been in pain for almost a month, somedays worse than others, and when the pain is at its highest i have diarrea and through out the wholething i have had hart burn. is there something they r missing or that they just arent telling me due to the lack of insurance. should i demand more test. im at a loss on what to do. pls help

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If you have a combination (ruptured cyst and still one or more other non-ruptured cysts), it could cause a whole variety of symptoms, including alternating constipation/diarrhea, pain, bloating, and other disturbances that make one think they have gastro-intestinal/digestive disorders when really it's all the side effects of cyst(s) pressing on intestines and bowels, bladder, urinary tract, and nerves (sending pain signals to the back and legs and elsewhere). A larger rupture will take longer to be re-absorbed, so it would take longer to feel better. Not much can be done except treat for the pain (like Ibuprofen or heating pads) and watch for any signs of infection, such as a rise in body temperature you cannot blame on a cold or flu (which could mean you need antibiotics).  I hope you eventually get health insurance and are able to be routinely examined by a gynecologist.  Routine ultrasounds will tell you what is happening with the cysts and whether any of them warrant surgery.
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