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hysterectomy and overies removed What to expect

I am 30 years old. My uterus and both ovaries just removed. What will
my life be like now?. I am told hot flashes, hormone replacement,
mood swings, vaginal dryness, increased risks of health and mental problems,
may be my future.
Anyone who has lived a few years after this type
surgery please tell me what it is like? Thank you.

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You may want to check out our hysterectomy community forum for answers to your questions.  I was fortunate in that I did not lose ovaries until after completing a natural menopause so I do not have the wisdom of experience to share with you.

Others have prevented early menopause by hormone replacement.  There's a patch that some have used with good results.  All the other symptoms you mentioned can be prevented with a good hormone replacement until you are closer to a natural menopause age.
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It is almost two years since you posted your question. By now, you probably are doing very well.  One thing that too many women have found out after a hysterectomy is the need for a bladder suspension a few years later. That is what happened to me, and others I know. I believe the surgeon should tell his patient about that possibility prior to doing a hysterectomy. Women know to be concerned about  hormone replacement, but are never told of the possibility of future necessary surgery
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