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immense pain in right side

I am female 38yrs no children have PCOS- over past year get episodes where I suffer immense pain for months on end. starts with uncomfortable feeling like knife sticking under rib cage and radiates to my back - pain is constant and will last months when here- then will suddendly go.
Bowels habits change to point cant go- then find when i do its all mishapen with groves or kinks in feaces. I cannot find a resting place cant lie flat or on my side as it urts to much- have a pulling sensation too. anti imflamatories given by doc took edge of it. But get fevers from the pain. Find my self having to meditate pain away- put myself in trance like mode. Scans showed PCOS and nothing more - no kidney stones or gall bladder.A recent episode almost made me faint- I felt so ill and was urinating pure blood- treated with antibiotics and cranberry juice.
I am really worried about this as at moment I do not have the intensity but can feeling like a pulling sensation just under rib cage and side of stomach- the area is tender to touch.
I am off food some cause me to be ill including any vegetables, meat, eggs, alcohol.I really dont know where to turn and wondered if anyone has ideas on how to approach my own doc on it. It seems to bad for IBS which has been suggested- feel as though I could really die from it- no joke. I was treated for Hook worm too as I travel abroad alot to remote places. The treatment almost made me feel like dying - with terrible rumbles going on in stomach for two days but the pain vanished after treatment just left now with pulling sensation- I can tell from past experience though that its building to another episode of pain. Any experts know what this is would be most grateful on how to get correct diagnosis- as I work for my self and if Im off I have no fall back- no work no pay- Thank You
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You should see a gastroenterologist. I am surprised they haven't done a colonoscopy.
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Thank You Christine- forgot to mention had camera down throat and found gastritus and a spilling hernia in diaphragm. I will have to return to my docand see what they say- had hinted at endometriosis. Just would like a resolve to it as is so very painful. And causing problems to me in personal life as well as ability to function in work daily.
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