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is both cyst and ovary removed

I was reading an article in Oct. Ladies Home Journal.
The article stated that ovaries protect the heart., after menopause ovary's still provide testosterone and androstennedione, which are converted to estrone, a less potent estrogen.
I have a 5.1X2.6x2.6cm ovary cyst. My question is can they remove just the cyst, or do they remove both the cyst and ovary ?
My pap test was good, my CA 125  was 8. I am healthy otherwise and take no prescription med, no cancer in my family.
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Sometimes they cannot see what the cysts has done to the ovary.  If they are able to remove only the cyst they probably will do that.  Otherwise, I'm sure your doctor will tell you there is a chance you will lose the ovary, too.  If you still have your other ovary it will pick up the slack and your hormones should even out once it does that.

Write all your questions down for your doctor.  Are you scheduled for surgery?  
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I would imagine if they think the ovary is healthy enough to leave, they'll leave what's left and just take the cyst.  My Dr thinks my cyst is so big that there's no ovary left.
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Hi There,
I agree with the ladies before me. They definitely try to save the ovary if that is your wish, but like Lori said, they really can't tell how much is healthy ovarian tissue vs tissue destroyed by the cyst until they actually get in there. Good luck and keep us posted. One ovary can take over the work of the other, so that is a good thing. I had both mine removed and doing remarkably well on estrogen replacement.
Take Care
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Laney, Silvara, Cirella
Thank you for your comments in regards to my question.
The information that you provided was very mush appreciated.
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