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it stinks

my feminine area smells bad... my officemates
are already complaining about it.
is the smell related to the nabothian cyst
i have? please help. im hygienic for sure!
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{{{Nabothian cysts are considered harmless and usually disappear on their own,[2] although some will persist indefinitely.[citation needed] Some women notice they appear and disappear in relation to their menstrual cycle. If a woman is not sure the anomaly she has found on her cervix is a nabothian cyst, a visit to a doctor is recommended to rule out other conditions.[2]

Rarely, nabothian cysts have a correlation with chronic cervicitis, an inflammatory infection of the cervix.

Nabothian cysts are not considered problematic unless they grow very large and present secondary symptoms. A physician may wish to perform a colposcopy or biopsy on a nabothian cyst to check for cancer or other problems. Two methods for removing these cysts include electrocautery and cryofreezing, although new cysts may form after the procedure.}}}

I don't doubt you are hygenic but maybe more often washing of your feminine area would help with stink as you put it. In this case I don't need to specify what you should do if the office workers are complaining.   Hope this helps you realize what needs to be done..
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It is highly unlikely that the odour has anything to do with your cyst.  If you are bathing daily, and properly cleaning your genital area, and still having an odour that is noticeable by those around you, then you need to seek medical attention as it is likely due to an infection of some sort.  It's not normal to have vaginal odour that is detectable by office mates.  Hope this helps.
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wow, if your office is noticing you have a vaginal smell, then you need to have that checked out.  A womans vagina is not supposed to STINK, unless you have an infection.
I can assure you that there is a problem, if others are noticing.  Please seek help.
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Actually, sometimes those cysts burst or "weep" and the stuff that comes out has a very gross smell. You're forced to deal with it until it's done leaking, but it will do it again. You can try using a tampon to absorb the pus (because that's what it is) and change them frequently. Talk to your doctor. It's a shame, but they usually tell you it's "not a problem" and then won't do anything about it. /:
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It sounds like it could be chlamydia or gonorrhea. I've had both. And both are very similar. And it was many years that I have had it. I was 16 for one and 20 for the other. I hope you get medical attention. Cause neither is no joke. I wish you the best!
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Nabothian cysts are benign/harmless and have nothing to do with your symptoms. You need to see your gynecologist as soon as possible to rule out infection. For more info: https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/vaginal-odor/basics/causes/sym-20050664
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