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laparoscopy surgery for endometriosis on both ovary and chances of getting pregnent

i am 24 yrs old and married for 7 days.8 months ago i had an laparoscopy surgery for 10cm left ovarian chocolate cyst and now 2 months ago i found another 5.5cm cyst on my right ovary.now i'm taking danazol 400mg daily but it may not working as last 2 months i got my period with larger clot.so my gyno said another surgery might be need for the right ovary.is there any chances of pregnancy after that.i heard that one ovary is enough for conceiving but what happen if both ovaries are affected?i'm really depressed.
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Welcome to the community. I am so sorry you are going through this. Hopefully, a series of periodic ultrasounds will show that the 5.5cm cyst is shrinking (or at least not growing). Is it also a "chocolate" cyst and do they suspect you have endometriosis?

Was your other ovary removed or did the surgeon remove just the cyst (cystectomy)? It is always best to remove just the cyst (as long as cancer has been ruled out of course) but unfortunately, the whole ovary is removed far too often. Our ovaries are needed for not only reproduction but also for continued production of hormones our whole lives which are essential for good health.

I hope this cyst goes away. Please keep us posted.
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Thanks dear.only the left ovarian cyst was removed and upto 6cm left ovary is remain normal.yes they suspect I have endometriosis.
Problem is that i have my period after continuing danazol.so my gynecologist also advice to take norethisterone 5mg 3 times daily.is it helpful? After taking norethisterone, it's 5th day of my period.
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