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I don't know if anyone out there knows what I am talking about. I had a laparoscopy done on Sept.9th 2008 but only started my period on Oct.4th! I was told that it was all normal, that it could start right away or too late and I worried for nothing. But, after laparoscopy I did not recover in 3-5 days like they tell everybody, but had abdominal and pelvic pain every day. The Doctor said that my surgery went well, no complications, biopsy came back negative and there is no need to worry about anything because the cyst was removed beautifully. Then why am I still in pain??? Why am I still having my period (12th day, though not heavy, just spots, but it is there!) , why am I feeling fullness in my stomach, why am I bloated, having abdominal stabbing pain, and finally such a discomfort in my pelvis. When I called and explained everything, I was told that it was not her area of practice and I need to go to the stomach specialist. When I went there, the stomach specialist said that there could be some damage done inside during surgery and I need to have the abdominal and pelvis cat scan done to see what was going on. Finally I called my OBGYN again and she sent me there. I haven't gone yet, but I really am getting tired, angry and frustrated. When I first discovered that there was a cyst, I only knew it from my ultrasound report, I had no pain, no bloating, no fullness, I felt great. As a matter of fact, I have never had surgeries in my life and never been to the hospitals in my life! Now, a month later after laparoscopy, I have every possible sign of every possible sickness that a woman can experience, and that is making my life pretty ugly. Who knows what this might be and why, and how can I make my OBGYN to understand, to pay more attention to me when it feels like she is just washing her hands off " I did good, the report is good, you should be good". Or better yet, she said that there might be a new cyst developed in 3 weeks, but they did nothing wrong, that it's all new situation now. But I felt like this since I left the hospital, when could that possibly start to develop? On my way home from the hospital? To go through that all over again? It feels like a bad dream. I wish I never had laparoscopy.
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I just had a laparoscopy done on Oct.6th and I was advised by my surgeon and by her associate who saw me in the hospital the next day that the full recovery time for the surgery would be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. I was told I could have pain during that time frame, not to be surprised by it, and it could come and go. My surgeon also said I would have days that I could have high energy levels and then have days when I'd feel more tired. It was explained that even though it was an easier procedure than a laparotomy it was still major surgery. The external recovery is about 2 weeks for the incisions to close and for the acute pain to wane, but the internal recovery takes a bit longer. I am in menopause, so I cannot advise you as to the issue involving your periods. I know there have been several women on the boards who have said that their periods were off a bit after the surgery and that they had heavier bleeding during the first period after the surgery. Did your doctor advise you not to lift anything heavy or not to drive for the first 2 weeks after the surgery? This is pretty much standard post-op instructions for a laparoscopy. The bloating and swelling can last up to a month or more after the surgery also. I don't know about the cyst redeveloping in 3 weeks, but if they think mentioned that as a possibility, then are they planning to repeat your TV/US? There is always a chance of some injury occurring during the surgery, I had to sign a release before the operation that I was advised of this and to give them permission to repair any problem that might happen during the surgery allowing them to do a laparotomy. If you only had the cyst removed and not your ovary, it may be that you developed a new cyst. I had both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed so for me that isn't a possibility. It seems like you weren't informed about the full recovery time, and there a people who heal quickly and are able to bounce back in a few weeks, but  there are others who have a longer recovery period. I think it would be a good idea to have the tests done that were suggested to you so that you can know for sure that no damage was done during the surgery and to see if a cyst has formed again. I'm sorry your having these issues, and I hope someone who has had problems with their periods post-surgically will answer your post. Good luck and keep us posted of your situation.
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I had my cysts, right ovary and tube removed in June via laparotomy.  I started bleeding (assume was my period) 2 days after surgery and that went on for 9 days.  Two weeks later I had another period and then another 3 weeks after that.  I then went back into my 28 day pattern.  I do hope that this is just recovery pains and a very long period.  Good luck with your tests.  Let us know how it goes.
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