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laparotomy vs laprascopy

I'm 21 years old and have found out through a very painful ER visit that I have a 10cm dermoid on my left ovary.  I'm a student, and don't have the time to be out of school for more than a day or two, and need to know what the likelihood is of me getting a laprascopy is.  The doctor said that he didn't think they would, but that he's getting a second opinion, and has yet to get back to me.

Also, he said that I should be prepared to lose my ovary, because there is a great chance that the tissue will be too damaged to work.  Have ovaries been saved from a dermoid this large?
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Are you getting your advice from an ER doctor? If so, try to get to a gynecologist or a gynecologist/oncologist. They will have a lot more surgical experience and knowledge. It might be possible for laparoscopic removal but only if you find a surgeon that has prior experience in removing large cysts using small incisions. Maybe they can save all or part of the ovary.

Now for the part you don't want to hear: abdominal surgery is a big deal. Even if you can find a surgeon able to do this laparoscopically, you are going to need at least 2 weeks to recover.  Six or more weeks if it has to be a laparotomy.
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No, the ER doctor actually refused to remove it and sent me on my way.  Now I'm dealing with a doctor who hasn't gotten back to me in a week.
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I have an 8X3X4 (approximately) dermoid on my right ovary, and the my gyn/onc is taking it out by robotic laprascopy in a few weeks. Mine isn't painful though, so maybe that means the placement is in such a way that maybe laprascopy isn't possible. My doctor told me I would go home that day or possibly the next, and that I'd be "fine" in three days. I'm still giving myself a week off, and I work from home.
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I'm currently recovering from a laparscopic surgery to remove a dermoid cyst. My last picture of the cyst was an MRI taken 4 weeks ago and it was 7.5cm, 3cm bigger than the ultrasound 2weeks prior.  While I was in the recovery room my doctor was at the desk.  He put his hands up to show me the size it was when he removed it, his hands were cupped like "C"s and his fingers were an inch apart-about the size of a cantelope I would say. (I go for my follow up and pathology report in a week, I'll find out the details then.)  He also informed me that he removed my ovary because there was pratically no ovary left, the cyst had completely taken it over and destroyed it.  But both were removed laparscopically.  

Afterwards I felt like, well like my insides had been cut out of me.  My surgery was at 10am.  I left the hospital by 2:30pm. I think I might have unintentionally downgraded my pain, which let me leave earlier.  They sent me home with tylenol/codeine to be taken with ibuprofen.  I didn't feel like they were strong enough, but wasn't able to convince them til two days later that I needed something stronger. I then got a prescription for perks.  The four days that I was taking both of those (not together-Tylenol/codeing for 3/perks1) I experienced one of the side effects some ppl do-->constipation.  and boy was it horrible because I had to eat while taking the pain killers, but the bloating and pain from the constipation only added to the pain from my surgery. The perks also gave me extreme nausea, dizziness, I only took two doses then stopped.  Before you go in for surgery, if you already know what pain killers work best for you or the ones you have had issues with, make sure you talk to your Dr. about them so their side effects are not hindering your recovery.  

I had the surgery Wednesday, today is Monday.  I work in retail and was originally scheduled to go back today, but requested to go back Thursday now. If I had a desk job, or something that I could work at my own pace I might be up for a half day the next couple days. But def won't be able to handle a 9hr shift on my feet running around helping customers.  The first couple of days was hard to bend/sit.  I have a small pillow about 12inx24in that I've held against my stomache when sitting or going to the bathroom.  It's also nice if I have to cough/hiccup/laugh/sneeze/anything that will shake or put pressure on you abdomen.  I also used a body pillow to stop me from rolling over in my bed at night onto my stomache.  A heating pad has been my saving grace!!

Everyone's body will react differently to the surgery and medications, so just be aware of what your body is telling you.  If you have a regular care provider other than the Dr. you're dealing with about your cyst, I would call them also just for information.  They might even be able to refer to someone else if you're not satisfied.  Good luck!!  I know its scary trust me, and the one thing I hated hearing from everyone was "try not to think or stress about it" HELLO! It's the only thing I was thinking about!! but coming from someone who is finishing going through it, dont' let it stop your life! ok? continue with your life as you would and stay strong! :)
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